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New Still of Prim from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

prim district 13

Along with the flurry of new stills including Peeta, Effie, Gale and Katniss; there is this beautiful picture of young Primrose Everdeen in what appears to be District 13 from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. The still is from the same shots that were used in recent trailer, ‘For Prim.’

Thanks to @JenLaw4ever for the update!

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  • IfWeBurnYouBurnWithUs

    Woah. This may be my favorite shot of Prim. I LOVE how she has a Katniss braid. That expression on her face though….just wow.

    • Ciara

      I never even noticed how similar her hair was to Katniss’ in the first movie! Amazing

      • She’s on an awfully white background… I mean there is a part where Katniss is dreaming of her and Prim’s telling her she has to go back or something right? :[

        • Lars

          I guess it’s in the hospital room where Peeta was at the end of MJ1

        • IfWeBurnYouBurnWithUs

          I think you may be right about this being in a dream sequence. I originally thought she might be in the hospital with Peeta in this scene, but if she was, wouldn’t she be in her nurse outfit? The only time she usually has on this outfit is outside of the hospital wing.

      • TeamButtercup

        The cool thing is that her hairstyle that is a hybrid of the Katniss braid in HG and the Wrap-around side braid in Catching Fire. Prim definitely has the very similar “thousand year stare” as Katniss.

        • Louise Mossige

          Now I’m making note to go and study those two braids as I can’t even tell the difference!

  • Plume

    She is so beautiful. With the “almost katnis braid” and all 🙂 We really can see that she is grown up not only physically but mentally compared to the first movie and even CF.

  • Liliandill

    She’s just flawless! So cute, awwww :***

  • Elinor