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VIDEO: Jena Malone at Samsung Hunger Games VR Experience in NY

The Samsung Hunger Games Virtual Reality Experience opens offsite at New York Comic Con this weekend at Pop14 at 353 W 14th St in the Meatpacking District. Jena Malone stopped by for the launch and talked about her involvement in The Hunger Games and the passion of the fans. The experience utilizes Gear VR to take users on a 6 minute journey through many of the locations from The Hunger Games films allowing fans to explore the world of Panem. previewed the experience in New York:

What follows is fascinating visual recap of previous films, featuring scenes from Katniss Everdeen firing arrows during the title games, to President Snow in his lush Capitol garden, and then an elevator ride down to a bunker where rebel forces plot over a 3D hologram. It climaxes with a tease for Lionsgate’s upcoming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2, though by the end you feel like you’ve experienced a real story and not just a glorified ad. The chair itself vibrates from time to time to add extra “4D” dimension, like when a ship floats above our heads.

If anything, fans of the franchise will believe they have actually toured through all the most memorable set pieces of the series, from having an aid package drop out of the sky to a full on revolt in the streets.

The Hunger Games Virtual Reality Experience will be available to download for Gear VR this weekend with versions available for iOS, Android and Oculus Rift later in the month. The stand in New York also includes a station where you can create a poster of yourself with mockingjay rebel paint and play around with Samsung’s many Hunger Games related technology. You can check out a number of images from the experience below or even more here in our gallery.

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