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New Stills: Squad 451, Finnick, Johanna and Propo Crew from Mockingjay Part 2


New stills from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 have popped up, showing Finnick with a look of sorrow upon that beautiful face, an impressive shot of Squad 451, the propo camera crew looking as though they are taking orders and Johanna and Katniss at the wedding in District 13.

castor messalle cressida pollux capitol base camp propo crew

johanna katniss district 13 wedding

squad 451 castor gale jackson peeta katniss cressida homes finnick

Thank you to QuarterQuell for these!

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  • Carla

    omg i love these stills so much. *3* i see you there, homes! hoooooooomes! (i just get excited when a previously-unseen character makes an appearance in a still, ok?).

  • devonwhpfan

    Thats the first time we’ve seen district 13 children besides Prim. Glad the movie explained this. Isn’t it nice when the movies do their job and explain details (cough cough Beetee’s wheelchair,)

  • Amy

    In the Squad 451 pic, seems like Gale is looking at Peeta while everyone else is looking straight ahead. Hmm…

    • Bob

      Looks to me like he’s looking at Katniss rather than Peeta.

      • Carla

        yeah, i agree.

  • Liliandill

    Finnick, why you so cute? <3 Can I hug you? :***

  • Barrel Rider

    Completely and utterly irrelevant but I wonder why Johanna’s in a dress…?

    • Probably because it’s the wedding? :3

      • Barrel Rider

        Lol could be, but then why the exception for Katniss and the other females? hahaha

        • Yeah, I dunno ’bout that. Maybe…they only had a few in the dress style, and gave one to Jo because…it fit her and somebody was feeling badly for her? I have no idea. xD

          • Barrel Rider

            xD lol of all people “here, Jo, feel pretty!”

          • Yeah, right? >D ^3^