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Scans From The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Issue of SFX


Katniss Everdeen is on the cover of SFX in a brand new promotional image from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. We’ve already teased some of Francis Lawrence’s comments on this final installment but now thanks to the-bleedinglove12 on Tumblr we now have scans of the article.

Francis Lawrence informs us on the immediacy of this last film and how there isn’t a seamless transition of Part 1 to Part 2 but rather “we jump right in” to the novel’s second half:

“This one is much more Katniss-centric and it’s much more faithful to the book. We really made the book.”

Part 2 will be steeped in action yet remain all about the consequences of violence and the effects of war. Both Lawrence and Nina Jacobson keep to the same mantra from the beginning – to stick as closely to Suzanne Collins’ traumatic and bleak world as possible, as Jacobson reiterates:

“We’ve been faithful from the beginning and we’re never going to stop being faithful. It is the power of the series that Suzanne doesn’t pull her punches at the end. You may not get everything you wanted. As a reader you’re taken on a very emotional journey yet it feels deeply satisfying and complete as a story because of the choices she’s made. We were never going to pussy foot around the subject matter, just as we haven’t from the beginning. That was always the point of doing them – to follow her lead.”

Francis also gave exciting snippets about creating President Snow scenes to show what was happening in the Capitol camp:

“It was fun to create the world of Snow as the Capitol crumbles. It really helps in terms of his mindset. I thought a lot about ‘Downfall‘ – sitting in the bunker and watching Hitler fall apart. This is a very different version of it, and there’s a lot less Snow than that, but we had an opportunity that we got to play around with a little bit. And of course Katniss and her presence becomes a part of that story.”

The director also confirmed the difficulty of ever expanding this world without Katniss and the need to have another story coming straight from Suzanne Collins. And of course, he delved in to the tone of that epilogue. Will it be as dark and bitter sweet as the novel or in good old Hollywood fashion focus on the happy ending?

“I’m pretty happy with the way this movie ends. Yes, the book has a bleak ending. And we are making the book. But there’s a way of landing the movie where the scarifices that people have made should not be for nothing. And yet those people will forever be changed and damaged because of what’s happened. Ideally we’re landing in that zone.”

In addition to the many insights of Lawrence and Jacobson we were given new interviews with the three leads. Liam Hemsworth talks about a more active Gale and his emotional want to end the war, ending filming these movies with his friends and stealing many pairs of underwear from the set. Jennifer Lawrence reveals how Katniss now neither cares whether she lives or dies but is focused on securing a better future for Panem and how the love triangle initially annoyed her but now she sees it as an example of how teenagers in survival mode are denied the basics of having a crush without it being tainted by a cruel world. She also affirms that meeting Josh and Liam is her definitive highlight of her time on these films and tells of the souvenirs she’s kept from the series. And Josh Hutcherson chats about the films being grueling physically but not psychologically due to the humour of the cast, an experience in Spain where a fan exposed her breasts to reveal a ‘Real or Not Real?’ tattoo to him (which to me seems a curoius place to put a tattoo, as though she’s asking whether you think she’s had enhancement surgery or not!) and what prop he kept from set. The article also includes five moments that defined and solidified Katniss Everdeen as the ultimate rebellious icon of Panem.

SFX is on newsstands now!

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