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Remembering 15 Moments That Gave You Chills in The Hunger Games

Apparently, our normal Rebel Rewind tradition, where we re-watch the Hunger Games, was a popular idea! Lionsgate’s own version #THGWATCHPARTY happens tonight at 5:00 PM (PT)/ 8:00 PM (ET) where we can dive back into the story from the very beginning where we first fell deeply in love.

Before we brave theaters on November 20th to see Mockingjay: Part 2, as fans, we owe it to ourselves to fill our hearts back up once more with the greatness of the past three films. Re-watching The Hunger Games still makes chills run down my arms as if I were watching it for the first time. Here is my list of moments from The Hunger Games that never fail to bring the hardcore spine-tingling chills.

1. “Welcome. Welcome-welcome! Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.”


The first moment we see Effie Trinket’s pale face, pursed lips, her ridiculous and enormous rose in her hair, and her puffy shouldered plumb-colored dress, the thought of, “Who are these Capitol Citizens?” is enough to give me chills. And when Effie breaks the silence at the reaping with “Welcome, Welcome-Welcome. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor,” I feel positive my name is going to be in that glass bowl.

SIDE NOTE: I never realized Effie technically started the revolution. When her hand dances in the bowl and lands on Prim’s name…it’s all her fault. Thanks Effie, you’re the best!

2. “Don’t worry Prim. They’re not going to pick you.”


Effie calls out, “Primsrose Everdeen,” and we see Prim’s face instantly fall cold, and Katniss’ jaw is agape. I can never breathe when I see Prim’s horror from realizing her nightmares are now real life. She tucks in her duck tail and there is painful silence.

2 1/2 “I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute.”


Katniss volunteers and the knot tightens in my stomach even worse, and a new one forms in my throat. It’s all happens so quickly, and then she has to hug Prim bye. All Katniss can say is,  “Prim, Go find mom. Go find mom.”

3. “…even though you’re here and even though it’s just for a little while, you get to enjoy all of this.”


I have to blame this chilling moment on cinematography and the brilliance of James Newton Howard’s song, The Train, from the score. Katniss and Peeta first board the train while in their simple reaping clothes as they take in the opulence of the Capital: food and candy trays, more food, and suddenly they understand the Capitol.

4. “Come on. They’ll love it.”


Although Cinna’s costume has Katniss on fire, she isn’t quite the Girl On Fire yet. Peeta grabs Katniss’ hand and they raise their flaming arms in unison to the cheers of the sponsors. For the first time they first catch Caesar Flickerman’s attention and the eye of President Snow! You better keep your eyes on her Snow. And also, I want Katniss to hold Peeta’s hand. Come on Katniss nbd just do it!

5. Katniss changes the camera from the streets of Panem to the woods.


When Katniss changes the wall camera to the woods and stands up from her bed, it’s the closest to home she will be at the Capitol, but after a brief moment of comfort it just reminds us of what the Capitol has taken from her. I’m from South Georgia, so I know that feeling all too well of wanting to be amongst the trees. CHILLS!

6. “I don’t think winning is going to help me at all. Because she came here with me.” 


In your blue-bump-hair-fake-laughing-toothy face Caesar Flickerman! You walked right into that trap! And Peeta stole my breath away with that one #wordsmith.

7. “I keep wishing I could think of a way to show them that they don’t own me. If I’m gonna die, I want to still me be.”


This honestly might be my favorite part of the whole entire movie. I’m sucked into the movie so hard I don’t even know my name when this scene comes on.

“How will they change you”- Katniss
“I don’t now…turn me into something I’m not. I just don’t want to be another piece in their game you know?”- Peeta

The glimmer in their eyes is full of love and it’s such a true moment between them. They say goodbye with the simple lines:
“Guess I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“See you tomorrow”

But those words couldn’t be any more loaded with meaning. Tomorrow changes everything. Tomorrow is seeing each other in the arena. Icy chillllls!

8. “30 seconds…20 seconds…10 seconds.”


When the woman’s robotic voice says “30 seconds” and then Cinna says, “I’m not allowed to bet, but if I could, I’d bet on you.” Thank you Cinna for doing for Katniss what we all wanted to do. Just help her. I mean someone help her!  My God!  “20 seconds.” She walks towards the tube. “10 Seconds”. Heart beating. She’s in the tube. It closes and there is silence. Relentlessly it lifts her into the blinding sunlight and there they are. The 24 tributes of the 74th Annual Hunger Games. I can’t breathe!

9. Foxface. Just Foxface.


Katniss runs through the trees and collides with Foxface. The moment they lock eyes and stare, waiting for either one to kill the other, but neither do. They would be friends right? Maybe they should hug it out? This moment gave me chills because we saw humanity not trying to kill, but we watched two young girls trying to survive the horrible situation they were thrown into.

SIDENOTE: ? ? ? How does this help you in The Hunger Games? Stop playing computer games and pick up a sword! #matchyoutodeath


10. “Let’s just wait her out. She’s got to come down sometime right?”


With a score of 11, we all weren’t worried. Katniss has got this one in the bag. But once that fireball burned and gashed her leg…nah, she’ll be okay. Oh wait, she just got treed. Well…she’s safe…oh wait, Peeta just said let’s wait her out so we can kill her. This chilling moment was the first times we realized the odds really weren’t in Katniss’ favor in the 74th Annual Hunger Games. When she’s alone in the tree and pouring her last bit of water on the burn-her hand shaking in pain-I can barely take it! Sad chills!

11. “You have to win.”– “Can you sing?”


I can’t even go here. The green leaves fade into the white breeze. Rue’s Farewell.

SIDENOTE: If this song ever comes on my James Newton Howard Pandora when I’m driving, you better believe I’m trying for the single tear-drop down the cheek while I re-enact that scene in my rear-view mirror.


13. “I watched you walk home every day. Every day.”


This is where the chills no longer come and go, but are permanent, and stay with you for 3 years until the release of Mockingjay: Part 2.

14. “Together.”


Chills with an “s.” Chillz  with a “z.” All the chills. My heart prepares to break every time even though I know they will make it, and just before the seams of my insides let free and fall loose: Victors of the 74th Annual Hunger Games.

15. “…I guess we try to forget.”–“I don’t want to forget.”


This is when I realize that outside of the arena, Katniss can’t be there for only Peeta. She needs to forget because Prim is all she can think about now. I didn’t see this coming, but I get it. It’s our first taste of heart break. Little did we know, a Quarter Quell and a hijacking later, we’d be in an even worse boat.

Watching The Hunger Games is a perfect fix for a chill addict like me. I love the icy feeling that runs through my veins when a movie reaches the core of my inner being. Which of these moments did you agree or disagree with, and do you have any I missed? Let me know in the comments below! Have fun re-watching with #THGWATCHPARTY.

About Jackson Brooks Sharpe

Jackson Brooks Sharpe is one of the twin brothers on the staff who is from South Georgia. He graduated in May 2013 Summa Cum Laude with a double major in Writing and Spanish from Georgia Southern University.
  • xoxotippadee

    Perfect reminder of so many of the amazing moments! I think the most heart-breaking for me right now is the conversation between Katniss and Peeta about him not wanting them to change him, because…you know :'(

    • Jackson Brooks Sharpe

      That makes it all the more painful! It’s so awful and I hate that it ended up being prophetic in a sad way!

  • ashley1275

    It’s all chilling. The whole thing. : )

    • Jackson Brooks Sharpe

      Exactly! I am still amazed that the movie still holds that much power even after watching it over and over.

      • ashley1275

        Yep. It was probably the best impulse movie buy I ever made. After watching it over, and over I finally just decided to read the books because I simply couldn’t wait for Catching Fire. In the end love both the movies, and the books. Both for there differences, and there similarities. Have to have both. Love knowing whats going on inside her head. Only regret is that I wasn’t into the book series from day one.

        • Jackson Brooks Sharpe

          I remember in high school a friend told me about THG. I remember where I was and everything and I thought the books sounded super intriguing but I never picked them up. It wasn’t until college when the first movie came out that I got onboard but man alive I walked out of that movie theater a different person. It stayed with me for days and days just on my heart and I loved it.

          • ashley1275

            I first remember hearing about the series when Mockingjay got released, maybe that very week. Thought about picking up the first book, but then thought about the other books I owned an hadn’t got around too. So I didn’t, and eventually forgot to check it out. Boy was that a big mistake.

  • I still haven’t quite figured out how an apparent matching game of some sort is supposed to be teaching you which plants are edible…why not study a field guide? XD I’m guessing that she was testing herself by picking out only the edible ones based on leaf shape or something.

    • ashley1275

      She definitely should have studied a little harder for sure. Maybe not went so fast. o____0 . But hey foreshadowing.

      • Either that, or implying that she committed suicide. 8[

        • ashley1275

          yeah maybe

        • Jackson Brooks Sharpe

          Now there’s a tragedy! The announcer says there’s something at the cornucopia that each tribute desperately needs, but Fox Face doesn’t seem to be struggling at all. I would love to know her story and what really happened there.

          • Hey, yeah, that’s true–I wonder what it was that she “desperately” needed…

    • xoxotippadee

      That’s what I’ve always thought, it seems like the only logical explanation. Combining high tech with the training, like having Katniss shoot at the holograms in CF instead of faux ducks tossed in the air.

      • It is the Capitol way to do it, I suppose. ;p The big screens and touchpads being slicker and snazzier than just a guidebook…

  • Pulchritudinous

    This is such a perfect list Jackson. 😀 I love that note about Effie. It’s kinda scary that the whole series is dependent on her. A slight flick of the wrist, a different slip is picked, and everything would’ve been the same.

    I’d add the D11 riot as well. It was really poignant, especially since it was presumably started by Rue’s dad. 🙁

    • Jackson Brooks Sharpe

      How appropriate that a Capitol Citizen had a hand in its fall. And YES the D11 scene gave me chills and I should have stretched Rue’s death to cover the riot of D11 for sure. Chills every time you are so right!