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VIDEO: Clip of Peeta/Katniss “Real or Not Real” Scene Debuts with Teens React | Jabberjays.net - A Hunger Games Fansite
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VIDEO: Clip of Peeta/Katniss “Real or Not Real” Scene Debuts with Teens React

You may have heard over the weekend that a new clip was shown at Friday’s Fan Event– some cell phone recordings of it were making their way around the internet, but there wasn’t a decent version of it until popular YouTube channel REACT (a sub-channel of The Fine Bros) released it this morning, as part of their “Teens React: EXCLUSIVE: Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2 Clip” video.

The clip proper starts at around 0:35 and you’re going to have to deal with teens commenting above the dialogue, but it’s the best quality we have of it so far. As usual, a WARNING: this is a key moment in the film and if you want to go into it fresh, you definitely want to stay away from this one. Especially if you’re a Peeta/Katniss fangirl. You might end up choked up with feels. Believe me, I know. You want to hold this emotional punch until you watch the movie proper.

If you’re reckless like me and watched it anyway (Spoilers? I laugh in the face of spoilers!), be sure to tell us in a comment what you thought of it, what your feels are looking like after you watched it, and what you think of a clip premiering with a Teens React video rather than being released online.

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