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VIDEO: The Mockingjay Part 2 LA Press Conference with Jennifer, Josh, Liam, Francis and Nina

SPOILERS! Spoilers ahoy! Well, it is a fantastic press conference. But a number of reporters detail a couple of scenes that we didn’t know exsisted before. Continue if you’re a spoiler hound!

Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Francis Lawrence and Nina Jacobson had a press conference in Los Angeles on Hallowe’en with a room full of reporters who sounded genuinely pumped after seeing The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.

It starts funny right from the off with the normal roll call, “Francis Lawrence, director,” “Josh Hutcherson, actor,” “Jennifer Lawrence, doctor.” Jennifer talks about her final time as Katniss and Josh talks about playing regular Peeta and hijacked Peeta. Francis discusses the tonal shift of Mockingjay Part 2 with Katniss making the decisions and how he portrayed that viscerally on screen. Jennifer talks about her feelings on finishing her work on Katniss Everdeen and how a sense of accomplishment will come after the film’s release. They discuss what it was actually like (miserable is the answer) to film the sewer scene in such a claustrophobic environment.

Overwhelming praise comes from one reporter for Jennifer’s range in her performacne and how it displays how she is on her way to a Meryl Streepian career and that Katniss has reached the action icon status of Indiana Jones and Rocky Balboa. At this point, Josh and Jennifer hi-five! (At the very end of the press conference she also thanks him again while she’s leaving). The same reporter goes on to list seemingly every way Katniss has impacted cinema and asks whether Jennifer would ever love to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Liam talks about not getting the girl in the end and the growth of Gale in to someone a little cold-hearted when it comes to the collateral damage of war.

They discuss what message the young adult target audience should take away from the entire series. Nina Jacobson talks about the series inspiring social change and taking a stand against ingrained injustice and the anxiety felt by today’s teenagers. Josh and Liam pick which character they would play in Mockingjay if they had any choice. Nina Jacobson tells of her disappointment about not being able to visit Asia last year but is looking forward to the premiere in Beijing. Jennifer talks about loving living in L.A. and New York and doesn’t feel the need to escape like Katniss returning to District 12.

Jennifer clears a few things up about her Lenny letter on pay inequality and starts off by explaining that she wasn’t complaining because she wasn’t paid as much as her male co-stars but rather questioning what was in in her own mentality that prevented her from negotiating a better deal. Nina backs her up relating that it is difficult to get to the 50/50 gender parity that the industry should be at by now. Nina says that the heart of the essay is that a lot of women do not have the confidence to speak their opinion without the fear of being judged which is why Katniss as a character has given so many young girls a voice and a sense of empowerment.

A reporter confirms that ‘Deep in the Meadow’ is performed at the end. One reporter details a scene in which Haymitch reads out a goodbye letter from Plutarch in a touching nod to Philip Seymour Hoffman who played a big part in the scene but unfortunately passed away before completing it. One reporter compliments Jennifer on riding through this very quick trajectory of fame with style, grace and does it all by simply being herself (she seems bowled over by the compliment) and Jen charts life over the past 5 years from peaks to shitty parts. She then apologises if she’s not getting to the heart of anyone’s questions. Josh: “You’ve answered every question.” Jennifer: “You weren’t listening. You’ve been zoning out this whole time!”

Jennifer, Josh and Liam think about how they’ve handled the change in their lives since 2012. Francis and the actors assure that they never had any studio pressure after the success of the first film or in their character interpretation respectively. Francis deatils the logistics of the sewer scene to keep the balance of making the audience terrified but also ensuring they understood what was happening. Another reporter, after saying she cried about four times, asks Jennifer what she thinks Katniss has come to symbolise now we’ve reached the end of the series. Jennifer ponders how fortunate she has been that’s she’s managed to keep consistently working rather than falling in to a lull that other leading actors have after blockbuster success. She says she wanted an audience to lose themselves and not see the character she portrayed in the past even though:

This character, however, is remarkable and in my opinion, I think she’s the greatest female character. Ever.

We’re with you, Jennifer.

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