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SPOILERS: Woody Harrelson Talks Hayffie and Working with Elizabeth Banks

SPOILERS! Well, well, well. Is it you again, you spoiler hound? Yes, you! You do know you shouldn’t carry on and watch this video, don’t you? And yet here you are! Well, this is your final warning. I implore you not to proceed and watch this video, it reveals elements of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 that, take it from me, you’d love to experience in the cinema not via USA Today. So go on then, bugger off!

So, you’re still here, eh? Alright then. But I did tell you!

Woody Harrelson spoke to USA Today about how the cast of The Hunger Games films are like family and how turning up to set every day was like coming home rather than going to work. He talks about working with Elizabeth Banks and while shooting he “threw a little kiss in there.” The interviewer jokes that Elizabeth attempted to ruin the take by trying to kiss him for much longer which just makes Woody laugh: “I personally always wanted to kiss her.” He describes how fun Banks has been to work with over the past four films, how game she is for anything and he maintains that he has no idea if Elizabeth tried to keep the kiss going for longer.

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