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VIDEO: Hunger Games Cast and Crew Talk to Screen Slam

Screen Slam spoke to Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks, Julianne Moore, Donald Sutherland and Francis Lawrence about The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. First up, Liam describes Gale’s growth from being side-lined to a soldier of influence. Jennifer calls Katniss a reluctant hero who slowly sees the power of her voice. Josh chats about Peeta trying to get back to the strong moral young man he was in the beginning. Jennifer talks about Part 2 bringing the series together. Liam speaks of their special time wrapping in Berlin and Jennifer talks about the overall message of The Hunger Games.

Julianne talks of how special it is, in a career of the many movies she has made, to work on something like The Hunger Games that means something to millions, globally. Elizabeth is proud of the female protagonist and the example she gives to the young. Julianne is attracted to the political allegory and the arc in which Coin’s character takes. Elizabeth talks about Effie’s growth and her heart getting bigger like the Grinch over the course of three movies. Moore describes Francis Lawrence’s directing style. Elizabeth speaks warmly of how well and how close the cast got on with each other and Julianne adds how welcome she felt. She talks about the powerful idea behind the series of one young impoverished girl who listened to her moral compass, never wavered and ended up changing the world. Elizabeth says that the best thing that Suzanne Collins taught was that you cannot give in to apathy, you need to be aware and participate in society. Banks says that Effie has made her fashion sense bolder. Julianne talks of the excitement of being involved in something that means so much to her children and many young people around the world.

Spoilers! Donald does his best to keep a particular scene, and my personal highlight of the film, under wraps while describing Jennifer Lawrence’s heart-breaking performance. For book fans though, you’ll know exactly which scene he means, so be wary.

Donald wants these films to be the catalyst for young people to stand up and change humanity. He talks about the effect Katniss had on Snow’s life, perhaps not love but she gave his life some meaning in the brief time they knew each other. Sutherland talks at length of the genius of Jennifer Lawrence (and he should know, he’s worked with some of the greats over several decades).

Francis talks about being familiar with the fans who seem to show up everywhere. He enthuses of the joy of directing these movies and finally he speaks warmly about the IMAX format for Part 2.

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