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VIDEO: Watch Two Episodes of ‘Inside Capitol Couture’

In addition to the vintage posters of Mags we saw yesterday, Capitol Couture has been releasing episodes of ‘Inside Capitol Couture.’ The second episode (above) shows makeup artist Chloe Morello showing fans how to do an Effie Trinket look. The best part is, they show some new footage of Effie in the tutorial!

These videos have been well-made and make an good effort at being in-universe when it comes to Panem, but there are some timeline questions that we have. For instance, if this is before the war ends, then why is Capitol Couture doing a feature on Effie Trinket, a woman who is supposedly now a rebel? If this is after the war ends, thus explaining why they focus on Effie’s look shown in the footage, why the scheduled power outage? Are these happening under Coin’s watch?

The first episode, which starred Blair Fowler, was a DIY home decor video showing Capitol citizens how to create a matchstick wall decoration.

This one mentions “temporary food shortages,” something we all remember from Catching Fire, and using match sticks from an emergency kit that she’ll “never need.” This seems to indicate that this is during the war, and she mentions that this is inspired by Capitol Couture’s “controversial cover girl.”

Apparently she didn’t hear President Snow declare that “any association with the mockingjay symbol is forbidden.” If association with the symbol itself is forbidden, I would think mentioning Katniss herself is even worse. If this was “real” in the Panem universe, I’d basically expect everyone at Capitol Couture to be black bagged by now.

While I appreciate the effort that’s gone into these and think these are definitely more in line with what I’d always hoped to see from Capitol Couture, the details going into them are not quite accurate, which takes some of the authenticity away from it.

What are your thoughts, tributes? Should we just enjoy these as they are, or should more thought have gone into the back story of these episodes to make them truly acceptable into Hunger Games canon?

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