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New Promo Pictures and New Stills From Mockingjay Part 2

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We’ve got images coming in thick and fast today from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. First up we have this brand new still of Katniss in the Capitol via E!. We’ve got promotional images from Tim Palen’s book Photographs from The Hunger Games showing Prim, Peeta and a rather teary Gale. Squad 451 running through a war torn Capitol; Finnick, Castor, Messalla and Pollux; Gale in the Capitol and Boggs and Katniss discussing the holo are also included. There’s a new behind the scenes still of Francis Lawrence and Jennifer Lawrence and an untagged version of Katniss on the avenue of tributes first glimpsed in Total Film. A couple scans from People magazine show Katniss in the Captiol and speaking to the Rebels and Capitol sympathisers in District 2. A still which may be from Part 1 cropped up on an Asian website and we’ve also got the Katniss still released a few days ago, just in case you missed that one too. Stay close to this post because no doubt more will cascade and we’ll update as they come.

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