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UPDATE: VIDEO: Liam Hemsworth on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Liam Hemsworth popped up on Jimmy Kimmel Live for banter and another chance to not only promote The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 but The Dressmaker too. They start by talking about Thanksgiving and by commenting on the fact that Liam finally got to use his natural Aussie accent on celluloid in The Dressmaker. They also discuss the last film in the franchise, his refusal to sleep after the terrible nightmares he had during the World Tour in China and visiting the Great Wall with his Hunger Games family before attending the Mockingjay Part 2 premiere in Beijing. Adorned with the customary tourist panda hat along with Josh Hutcherson, it was Liam’s job to look after Jennifer Lawrence’s purse during the trip. Unfortunately they could see very little of the Wall due to smog!

And just to complete your Liam fix for the day here’s an extra for you. Meet Liam’s new dog:

Update: We have more videos from Liam’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Woody Harrelson didn’t know that Chris Hemsworth was Liam’s brother:

Speaking of Chris, Liam talks about him being the sexiest man alive:

And finally, he talks about having too many Aussie house guests:

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