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UPDATE: VIDEO: Josh Hutcherson on Jimmy Kimmel Live

First Jena then Liam, now it was Josh Hutcherson’s turn to sit on the couch of Jimmy Kimmel Live. The interview begins with Josh recounting his awkward homeschool prom in a church in Kentucky. Having toured the World promoting The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, Josh surmises that he has done 1,680 interviews for the film. Man, we haven’t posted nearly enough!

They talk about what it is like to be friends with Woody Harrelson and Josh tells an amusing story about himself, Woody and a few other people going to hang out in Jennifer Lawrence’s Atlanta apartment before shooting Catching Fire with Harrelson running around in Jen’s crop top, shuving his hippy sock in people’s faces. Fun times!

Kimmel shows a clip of the very first time Josh Hutcherson was on the show aged just thirteen years old, explaining how he became an actor from Kentucky.

We also have a video of Yehya reviewing The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, or The Hunger Games: Magnolia as he calls it. We have yet to see whether Jabberjay Carla will include this in the Mockingjay Review Watch!

Update: We have another video from Josh’s appearence on Jimmy Kimmel Live including Josh bonding with Liam Hemsworth over White Castle:

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