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VIDEO: Jen, Josh and Liam Talk End of the Franchise With Josh Horowitz


The last red carpet ever for The Hunger Games franchise has now been and gone, and although that is a thoroughly upsetting thought, we still have this new brilliant interview from MTV’s Josh Horowitz at the New York premiere with our main trio, Jen, Josh and Liam.

Watch as they discuss projects they could work on together in the future, and how it feels that the series is finally over. You’ll all be pleased to hear that Jen isn’t ‘worried’ about her, Josh, Liam & Woody keeping in touch now that its over, “I’m not worried about me, Josh and Liam and Woody because we’ll see each other all the time. It was such a perfect group. And the movies were so good. Everything else is a mess.”

Watch below:

I’ll just be sat here clutching a box of kleenex. Let us know what you think of the interview in the comments!

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