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JabberCast Episode #29 – Deep in the Meadow


All of the Jabberjays have crossed over, which means it’s time for us to talk all about The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 with some of our fansite friends! This episode has FULL SPOILERS, so if you haven’t yet seen the movie, stop right here!

Jabberjays on this episode:

  • Crystal in Hawaii
  • Carla in Panama
  • Ciara in Ireland
  • Sarah in the UK
  • Jackson and Jared in Georgia
  • Grant in New Jersey

Special guests:

We discuss our first impressions, saddest scenes, then start picking apart various parts of the film. We also hear from Grant, JJ, Jackson, and Jared on their premiere experiences. Warning: this is our longest JabberCast yet, clocking in at just under 1 hour 55 minutes!

About Crystal

A 40-year-old mom to three living in Honolulu, Hawaii, Crystal Watanabe is a full-time freelance fiction editor.

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