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VIDEO: Jena Malone and Mahershala Ali on Good Morning America

This is quite a cool pairing for a press interview. Jena Malone and Mahershala Ali visited the Good Morning America set to talk about Johanna and everyone’s favourite father figure, Boggs. They talk about the end, Jena says she signed up because of the books and couldn’t wait for this climax to come out; Mahershala says he is satisfied to have closure with this story. He talks about the special relationship between Katniss and Boggs, how he has a growing respect for her and his allegiance begins to shift from Coin to Katniss. Jena talks about the odd relationship Katniss shares with Johanna, how they become each other’s confidants because the Capitol has stripped so much from both of them. Mahershala Ali teases the next season of House of Cards and Jena Malone stays tight lipped on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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