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More Mockingjay Part 2 Concept Art of the Lizard Mutts

luca nemolato lizard mutt concept art

Recently 3D artist, Luca Nemolato, shared his concept artwork for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 of a lizard mutt and an early concept for Tigris based upon Dame Judi Dench. Now he has shared two earlier pieces of concept art for the lizard mutts. This time they have a more reptilian quality than the creatures rendered in the finished film. These are a little closer to how I originally pictured the lizard mutts when reading the novel. How about you, tributes?

luca nemolato lizard mutts concept art

Thanks to Caesar’s Scrunchy!

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  • devonwhpfan

    much more like it, I thought of them as a confirmation of the sewer gator myth

  • Much more realistic, in terms of looking like animals from our current world. I had essentially pictured overgrown crocogator-iguana hybrids that could rise on their hind legs and move bipedally–kinda like when frilled lizards run.

    • xoxotippadee

      Same, and pale white. But the movie mutts are scarier than anything recognizable would have been.

      • Totally. They were beyond my worst nightmares. x.x
        For a while I’d forgotten the white-skin detail.
        So many other people I talked to said they were just picturing big green crocodile/lizard things–I guess the image of “the sewer gator,” as someone mentioned, overrode the actual description! >D

  • HungerGamesAddict

    this is much closer to what i pictured in the books, the second concept art is equally terrifying as the mutts in the movie!! if they were a little paler (like more white in color like the lizard mutts in pt 2), they would be even better in my opinion

  • HungerGamesAddict

    this is definitely closer to what i pictured while reading, and i would say more effective than the version used in the movie that were almost too zombie-like (although i was very happy with how the mutts were depicted in pt 2). the idea of giant lizards crawling on top of each other is perfectly terrifying in my opinion, if the mutts in the second concept art were closer in color to those used in pt 2, they would be perfect

  • Barrel Rider

    Not at all. I guess that’s because I actually read the book.

    Book description: “A mix of human and lizard and who knows what else. White, tight reptilian skin … clawed hands and feet, faces a mess of conflicting features.”

    What I pictured was closer to how they look in the movie than this concept art. Glad they decided to go with a more humanoid appearance because those plain ol’ little lizards wouldn’t have seemed all too threatening.

    • Ciara

      I pictured the movie’s colour and stature with the above lizard’s thrashing tails, clawed feet and long snouts good for decapitating Peacekeepers.

      I do believe every one here has “actually read the book,” so I wouldn’t give yourself too many pats on the back.

      • Barrel Rider

        Not insinuating that no one has read the book just don’t understand how so many missed the description. I wasn’t surprised by the look of them in the slightest.