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VIDEO: PopSugar Releases Everlark Deleted Scene from The Hunger Games


Guys. GUYS. I can’t even keep my cool as I post this because I’ve been waiting for this for FOUR YEARS and I’m fangirling SO HARD as I type.

Remember that one deleted scene from The Hunger Games featuring Katniss and Peeta at the apartment in the Capitol that we thought we’d never get to see in its entirety? The best we got was BTS snippets of it in the DVD, but not an actual cut of the scene. Well, merry Christmas in February to us Peeta/Katniss fans, because PopSugar has released that scene online in anticipation for the 4-film collection release next month, and IT IS AMAZING.

Unfortunately the video can’t be embedded, but you can hop on over to PopSugar’s site to watch it– and be prepared for an arrow straight in the feels! Once you’re done hyperventilating (which is something I can definitely relate to right at this moment), be sure to come back and expand on ALL YOUR EMOTIONS in a comment!

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Carla Pinilla is a 30-year-old Chemical Engineer from Panama city, Panama. A consummate fangirl, she spends her time reading, writing (mainly fanfiction), or watching way too many TV shows.
  • Paige

    The clip was great…I wanted more! I didn’t think the article was great, though, when it said the bread moment wasn’t discussed other than the flashback. It was. In the cave scene. So happy to see these moments finally come out that we knew were out there. Hoping we get to see that Everlark rooftop scene for Catching Fire.

    • Carla

      oh, you’re a nice person– i didn’t even read the article, i just watched the clip three times and then started fangirling all over the place. mwahaha. xD

      seconding your request for the rooftop scene!

      • devonwhpfan

        I thought francis said they didn’t even film the rooftop scene

        • Carla

          i can’t remember his phrasing exactly, but i believe i heard him say they shot SOMETHING on a rooftop, but it was really short and not critical so they just left it out. i’ve always assumed it wasn’t a full scene, or that it was just a different version of the conversation we get in the bedroom on their last day before the games, but i’d still like to see it!

        • Louise Mossige

          That was my impression too. That the bedroom scene with the Coldplay music replaced it. Which would have been fine with me – kinda – if it had been good.

    • Louise Mossige

      True, it was discussed in the cave as well, but the first movie always left me with the feeling the bread scene still wasn’t properly explained. Which is why I loved that they brought it up in MJ2.
      This scene would have explained it a teeny tiny bit better.

      • Paige

        I agree with you that the bread moment wasn’t given as much importance as it should have. This scene did explain a little more (that Katniss felt she owed Peeta), and would have helped explain a lot about her motivation and dilemma about him. I wanted more about the bread moment because it was so crucial. I was hoping Katniss would have the speech about it in MJ1, but didn’t get that. So happy that it was in their scene in MJ2. It needed to be. That moment of connection was so important to both of them.

        Don’t get me wrong, love the scene. Anything Everlark is great in my book.

  • devonwhpfan

    That was even better than i expected. The fact that they had Haymitch listening in really connected everything. I just love these quiet scenes. Seeing them so young like this feels so weird and makes me hope they will one day release all the unused takes and footage. I crave more

  • Well, that was a sweet surprise! Eavesdropper Haymitch made it even better. :’3
    And clip drops like this aren’t usually singular, right? We might get more scenes early? Ooh, I hope. Possibly the ‘dream-sequence Prim’ one, or something we don’t even know about at all…8-D

    • Carla

      i’m pretty sure we’ll get more scenes in the lead-up to the DVD release, but then i also think (nothing to back this up, just my personal opinion) that we probably won’t get more from THG, and instead they’ll release stuff from the other movies. it is a 4-film collection after all. but i’d be more than happy to be wrong on this one!

      • Mm…there is that one never-before-seen from Catching Fire…;] And it did occur to me that they might release clips from the other bonus features or whatever, too. Heck, I’ll take anything!

  • Lars

    I don’t understand how this beautiful scene could not be included in the movie? I really love it!

  • Louise Mossige

    Merry Christmas indeed! And I thought the days I’d get my heartbeat up over the movies were over.. This was short, but soo good! Josh when he says “You remember that?” Ohh my heart… So true to the book and Katniss’ dilemma as well (although it apparently follows the training scene in which Peeta is humiliated in a way he NEVER was in the book). And is it where Haymitch gets some star crossed lovers ideas?
    Do you think it was cut because of the rooftop scene, which was similar? Because It wouldn’t have added much time..

    • Paige

      I felt the same way about seeing Haymitch there, too, that you can just see the wheels turning on some type of plan. I don’t know why they would have cut it, but I know Katniss says in the cave later on “You helped me once.” there so they might have just moved that line to then.

      • Louise Mossige

        That’s right, she does! I’d forgotten. Yeah, I guess this scene could be seen as slightly unnecessary then. But it was so good..

      • Carla

        i presume they cut it because they didn’t want to make peeta’s feelings ~obvious~ until the reveal during his interview, so they took the “you helped me once” line and moved it to a scene after that. i really do wish they would have included this scene in the movie though, it was so great!

    • Carla

      i definitely agree with the haymitch thing! he definitely saw something between them here, and it lead up to his “star-crossed lovers” plan.

  • Kimmikim08

    I just love that! I wish it had made the cut just to further show Katniss’ inner turmoil at being pitted against someone who had helped her in the past. The way she said, “We have to be” was rather heartbreaking. I hope one day there will be an ultimate, extended director’s cut version available for the whole series!

  • Pulchritudinous

    I’m glad they cut it out tbh. Like Carla says it reveals Peeta’s true feelings too early and we can you infer that Katniss was paying him back in a way in the film already. 🙂 This’ll probably be the only deleted scene I’ll watch until the collection comes out next week.