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VIDEO: Makeup Artists Ve Neill, Nikoletta Skarlatos and Glenn Hentrick on Hunger Games Family

Remember the now infamous JoBlo interview in which Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and especially Liam Hemsworth couldn’t stop laughing. It was challenging and hard! Well now it seems the crew suffer from the same set of hysterics in this interview for the home media release of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. Ve Neill is asked about winning her first Oscar 25 years ago and the whole thing snowballs from there.

Aside from the infectious hilarity, head Makeup artists Ve Neill and Nikoletta Skarlatos are asked about the huge amount of work from their team that went in to The Hunger Games series, their collaboration and how they met. They talk about the importance of approaching each different project at the highest level of dedication they can muster, no matter if it is a tiny commercial to an Academy Award winning movie. What is wonderful in this interview is the clear love that both of these people have for their job and how they are still learning, adapting and pushing themselves to do better work in the next film. They finish the interview by confirming that they really were a family on The Hunger Games set. Despite working on hundreds of films, working with these people and the inspiring and fun young cast of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth has been their favorite series to date.

Special Effects Makeup artist, Glenn Hetrick talks about the thousands of makeup pieces used in Mockingjay. He describes the difficulty of balancing the managing and logistics of such a huge undertaking and the creativity involved with applying the paint job on the lead actors. He speaks of juggling the ego involved with creativity and the need to hire people that are better than him to produce the best work possible. He references the changing nature of the effects makeup industry after the development of visual effects in the 1980s and the genuine necessary love and passion involved to create makeup effects such as Tigris. He also describes the competiveness in the industry but that it is more admiration of his peers that spurs him on to design more intricate work. He reminisces of his childhood dream to be where he is now and how he couldn’t be happier.

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