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VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence on The Graham Norton Show

Back on the world’s greatest chat show, Jennifer Lawrence dropped on to Graham Norton’s couch last Friday along with James McEvoy to promote X-Men Apocalypse. As always it’s a hilarious appearance especially when you add comedian Jack Whitehall in to the mix – those two really need to start dating! The punching game for The Hunger Games was referenced, Jennifer recalls embarrassing herself in front of the Star Wars crew, McEvoy tells of a naked Jennifer being unloaded on in a toilet (!), we hear of a prank Jennifer played by stealing Nicholas Hoult’s phone and the Kentucky native had some choice words for presidential candidate, Donald Trump – four letter ones beginning with F! Make sure you take a peak at the videos, if only Jen could be on The Graham Norton Show every week:

My favourite story of the evening was Jack Whitehall’s ridiculous pooping in Spain story which brings Jennifer Lawrence to tears:

You can watch the full episode of The Graham Norton Show right here on BBC iPlayer if you live in the UK or most of the episode below:

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