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Lionsgate Announces ‘The Hunger Games Series’ 4K Ultra HD Combo Pack


This November, Lionsgate will be releasing a new set of The Hunger Games movies in 4K Ultra HD. The packs will include Blu-ray and Digital HD versions.

Will you be getting a copy of this set and re-buying all the movies? Let us know what you think of the covers in the comments!

Check out larger versions of each cover below:

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  • Madison

    Sadly I will because I am just to big of a fan and want to watch them in all of their 4K glory when I get a 4K T.V. someday

  • So literally the only difference is that it’s “4K?” Hunh. I’m gonna need to see the difference between that and Blu-ray, because I just can’t imagine something significantly better (then again, I barely saw a point in going from DVD to Blu-ray, other than for the vastly superior menus.) Sounds wasteful to me at first, but I guess I’ll get them eventually if 4K is proven to be *the best thing possible* and becomes *the thing to have.*

  • Carol J

    Has anyone bought them? Is there anything extra or just 4K?

    • I’ve been wondering the same–haven’t heard a thing. I only know one person who’s even considered a 4K TV/VCR or whatever, and we don’t live near one another.
      I certainly hope that if there is anything new included, it can somehow get released for 99.9% of people to enjoy…;p