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The Hunger Games’ Biggest Fan Awards Episode 3

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Episode 3 of The Hunger Games’ Biggest Fan Awards is back with two of your very own Jabberjays, Crystal & Jackson, as judges who put Hunger Games’ fans trivia knowledge to the test. Ultimately, only three tributes make it to the final round, and it is up to the viewers at home to decide who is The Biggest Hunger Games Fan.

Be sure to vote for your favorite contestant by retweeting their tweet from @BiggestFanAward and stay tuned for the winner to be announced.

If you’d like to be a contestant on the next episode, be sure to apply at

About Jackson Brooks Sharpe

Jackson Brooks Sharpe is one of the twin brothers on the staff who is from South Georgia. He graduated in May 2013 Summa Cum Laude with a double major in Writing and Spanish from Georgia Southern University.

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