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Contact Jabberjays.net

Thank you for your interest in contacting the staff of Jabberjays.net. The staff members of Jabberjays.net are located in many different locations around the world. If you have an inquiry that is specific to a particular region, please be sure to mention it in your email.

Please read through the listing below to determine who can best help you with your inquiry.

Content Submission

If you have a news tip, have an article to share, or would like to submit a fan piece for consideration, please email news@jabberjays.net.

General Inquiries

If you’re not sure who to contact, please feel free to email admin@jabberjays.net.


For advertising inquiries please email crystal@jabberjays.net.

Public Relations

All public relations inquiries such as affiliate inquiries, review requests, and event invitations should be directed to pr@jabberjays.net. If you are interested in running a contest on Jabberjays.net, this is also the correct contact.

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