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By the Book: Catching Fire Chapter 4

Today we bring you Part 4 of our special By the Book feature, where the staff analyzes ‘Catching Fire’ chapter by chapter. We share what scenes from each chapter we believe will make it into the movie, what our favorite lines are, and what we’re afraid might be cut from the film. By the Book will contain SPOILERS for …

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The Hunger Games’ Five Lessons in Human Goodness

In the world of Panem, Suzanne Collins shows us some of the worst traits and failings of society and certainly for many characters it is difficult to have faith in humanity at all in such a bleak and brutal world. Nation of Change, the site that focuses on societal problems through independent journalism, presents 5 ways in which Collins’s stories are …

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5 Examples That Show ‘The Hunger Games’ is NOT ‘Battle Royale’

  It is true that in concept The Hunger Games can most definitely be compared with Battle Royale. But it’s been custom over the past month on film blogs and such for people with very little idea of Suzanne Collins’ story to use this as a platform to dismiss the trilogy as nothing more than a watered down, westernized rip-off; …

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