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Review: FAME: Suzanne Collins

Sara Gundell, author of the upcoming comic FAME: Suzanne Collins, emailed us to let us know that the comic will hopefully be available in the next week and so we’re helping her get the word out about pre-ordering the comic, since apparently if you don’t pre-order and it sells out quickly, you may never get a chance to get one! So if you’ve been looking forward to this, be sure to reserve a copy now.

We were given an online copy to review and being a fan of comics in general (I have an embarrassingly large Archie Double Digest collection), I was quite happy with the format for this biography of Suzanne Collins. The artistic style is fun, yet definitely recognizable when it comes to placing things from reality into illustrations.

The comic is 40 pages long, starting from when Suzanne was a little girl listening to her military dad tell her stories of the war he’d fought in and then follows her through college, her career as a writer for Nickelodeon, and then her start as an author of children’s books. It then goes on to tell the now infamous story of how Suzanne got the idea for ‘The Hunger Games’ while switching between news coverage on the Iraq war and a reality tv show.

Probably my favorite part of the comic was the documentation of the birth of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games fandom. I loved the pages that showed children glued to their books and fans waiting at midnight book premiere parties. This is a part of the fandom that I was never a part of since I came into all of this stuff rather late, so it was a treat to see it depicted in the panels of the comic.

Pictured above is an exclusive panel from the comic book which talks about the birth of fansites and features! Imagine my delight when I saw this while eating lunch. The only awkward part about this is that I nearly choked on my salad because it took me completely by surprise. Don’t worry, Sara, no harm done! Thanks so much for including us in your comic!

Although the comic was written some time ago, it does include pages dedicated to the movie’s cast.

Priced at a pre-order price of $7.99, I think this is a nice little addition to a Hunger Games fan collection and with a limited print run it could easily turn into a nice collector’s item down the road. I placed my own pre-order today so I could get a hard copy, so be sure to order one for yourself as well!

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