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Welcome to the 76th Hunger Games: Peeta vs Gale

All right, tributes. It seems we’ve come to a point in this fandom where Peeta fans and Gale fans can’t seem to co-exist without devolving into Buttercup-worthy catfights over whether or not Lionsgate has dumped our poor boy with the bread for the hot hunk from the Seam. Some people, such as myself and much of the staff, feel that these conclusions are premature and quite frankly, based on emotions brought about by a woefully long break between movies.

However, we admit that we could be wrong, so we did some research and put together an infographic to help the fandom determine where these two guys line up in Lionsgate’s marketing campaign for Catching Fire and along with it,’s coverage of the two characters.

So without further ado, we present to you the 76th Hunger Games: Peeta vs Gale!

Note to readers: This is an editorial/infographic in response to the idea that Lionsgate has something against Peeta Mellark as a character and has been intentionally leaving him out of Catching Fire promotions. This is not intended to be a strict deviation from the core themes of the novel.

Peeta-Gale-Infographic-smHopefully this speaks for itself.

Feel free to discuss and suggest anything we may have forgotten and I can update the infographic!

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