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Jabberjays Episode #1 – Rebirth


Happy Sunday, Tributes! The staff of is very happy to announce that we are re-launching our podcast Jabberjays, which was around years ago when Kimmy first started the site. Ever since our big get together at Comic Con we wanted to try out best to stay connected to each other and in the end, a podcast seemed like a great way to do that and let you all get to know us better in the process.

We won’t have a set schedule or much of a structure, this is more just a recorded “talk story” session in which your admins jabber away like mockingjays. We hope you enjoy our premiere relaunch episode titled Rebirth!

Participants this week:

  • Crystal in Hawaii
  • Carla in Panama
  • Erin in Canada
  • Sarah in England
  • Tiffany in California
  • Tash in Australia

I’ll see if Carla can come up with a better Jabberjays banner than my sad 1 am Photoshop attempt. Let us know what you think of the episode!

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  1. I remember Jabberjays! The last one came out around the time Fireside Chat started, so I thought it had been replaced by the Fireside Chat or something…anyway, I’m glad it’s back.

    Also, question: Will this be a weekly thing, or just whenever there’s major news?

  2. The sound quality is a lot better than HG Fireside chat, so hopefully this’ll be a frequent thing.

  3. THIS IS AMAZING! It sounds like everyone is having fun! Can’t wait to listen more of this podcasts. You girls are awesome! Thank you for all the hard work you do for the fandom! Greetings from Honduras!

  4. thanks to y’all, now i HAVE had “we remain” stuck in my head for the entire day. thanks for that, girls. *smh*

    loving the intro song!

  5. Hahaha, oh dear, I do sound like I had just woken up! Next time I am setting multiple alarms 😀

    Glad you all enjoyed it, it was definitely a tonne of fun and I’m looking forward to the next one!

  6. I haven’t listened to it yet but will this be on iTunes?

  7. Is there by any chance, a post where you guys voiced your opinions about the movie? I would love to read what you all thought about the movie.

  8. Would LOVE to see a weekly podcast for everything The Hunger Games!

  9. I didn’t you guys had a Podcast. Awesome.

    I’ll download it and hear while playing tales of Xillia,I’ll leave a better comment after hearing it.

  10. Is there a feed for the podcast? I know it’s not a regular thing but I’d still love to be able to subscribe. I can’t seem to find the URL for the podcast.

  11. Also I definitely read “Carla in Panama” as “Carla in Panem.”

  12. OMG, I MISSED JABBERJAYS SOO MUCH! Thanks you guys are the best!

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