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Jabberjays Episode #2: Tours, TV Spots, and Trick or Treat



I admit it, guys. I dropped the ball on this one. The staff of recorded Episode 2 of Jabberjays on October 17 and I only just last night got around to finishing the edit. I blame Carla and her darned mosquito and the release of Ender’s Game! 😉

In any case, I had to get this up at last because we recorded Episode 3 yesterday and that’s got to go up this weekend and it felt weird to skip an episode. So without further ado, here’s Episode 2 – Tours, TV Spots, and Trick or Treat with myself (Crystal), Carla, Sarah, Tiffany, Erin, and Tash. Enjoy!

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  1. LOL, at least the mosquito is dead for good now! xD

  2. Have u guys already announced the winners of the costume and pumpkin carving contests?

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