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Costumes from ‘The Hunger Games’ to be Auctioned Tomorrow


A few weeks ago, when I went to Los Angeles to attend the premiere of Ender’s Game, I got the chance to stop by Black Sparrow Auctions’ warehouse where they are holding nearly every single costume from The Hunger Games until they go up for auction tomorrow. In the photo above, Tiffany and I are posing with Jennifer Lawrence’s chariot costume. Each costume comes with a photo of the star wearing it. This costume was hands down one of the most impressive pieces I got to see out of many, many more. It was so much fun to see everything that the cast had worn while making the movie.


The people at Black Sparrow were amazingly nice and open, letting us request to see and touch any costume we wanted. We even got to see Katniss’ girl on fire dress, which has a bottom that’s way more detailed that I’d thought!


This dress was heavy! The bottom, which we only really saw covered in CGI flame, has tons of layers, each with the same beaded pattern of flames.


It was such a pretty dress on the bottom, it’s such a shame we never really got to see the detail in the movie!


They even had spare gems in the flame shapes ready to apply.


I requested to see Peeta’s dopey sweater simply because I was so vocal about how much I hated it on Fireside Chat. I clearly have zero fashion sense, since this was an Alexander McQueen sweater.


Effie’s aqua dress and hair piece! It looked awfully uncomfortable to wear and I felt sorry for Elizabeth Banks because talk about sacrificing to look amazing.


Katniss’ hunting jacket she uses in District 12! It was exceptionally soft to the touch. A lot of the pieces came with a tag for Judianna Machovsky.


We even got to see Katniss’ boots!


I’m so short they probably go past my knees.



Here’s a photo of Jennifer in the post-Game yellow dress. It was folded up, so the photo I took of the dress itself didn’t look like a dress.


Peacekeeper outfit, though I didn’t ask them to take it out.


Rue’s dress, which prompted some joking suggestions I buy it for my daughter. I declined, saying that sounded creepy. “Hey baby girl, guess what? I bought you a dead girl’s dress from a movie!”


Still, it was really pretty! You can see the detail here.


I couldn’t resist taking this photo because of her hilarious pouty face!


Foxface’s dress with Courtney from Welcome to District 12 behind!


And finally, Seneca Crane’s suit. I looked in all the pockets and did not find the Beard. 🙁

Those of you that have debated attending the auction can still do so by registering for the event! Below you will find information on the event.

Bidding will be available in person, by absentee, phone and internet. You can register on either icollector or Live Auctioneers. There is still time to register.

The auction is taking place at our headquarters. The address is 10888 La Tuna Canyon Rd, Suite L, Sun Valley, CA 91352. We will begin the auction promptly at 11am PST. So if you are attending in person, please arrive a little early to register and get your bidding paddle. Seating is first come, first served. After that, it will be standing room only.

For those who cannot attend, you can follow along on our YouTube channel or on Google Hangout. For more information, please contact us at 323-250-3980 or email us at

** Reminder!** We are still collecting donations for Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Donations of money and/or food will be accepted at our offices through Monday, November 18. Suggested items include canned fruit, cereal, dry pasta, canned meats, rice, peanut butter, canned vegetables and tuna.

You can also purchase the catalog here.

Many thanks to Fong Sam and everyone else at Black Sparrow. They were amazing and so nice. We wish them the best of luck at the auction tomorrow!

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