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Part One: Staff Discuss Favourite Scenes of ‘Catching Fire’


While the movie is still fresh in our heads (thanks to many repeated viewings!), the staff of have put down their thoughts on some of their favourite scenes from the film.

Because none of us could possibly hope to write anything but a short novel, we have split this into two parts for you enjoy. One staff member has taken the lead on their chosen scene, but some of us have also written a line or two as well. Be sure to chime in with your thoughts in the comments! In no particular order, here we go:


Β (gif via samclafs @ Tumblr)

The elevator scene

Tiffany: Oh gosh, for me this scene was sexy, funny and uncomfortable all at the same time! I think that’s because it’s how I read the actors faces when Johanna decided to strip right there and then in the elevator! LOL! Ok, so it’s funny because Johanna is such a smart ass that half the stuff that comes out of her mouth makes me giggle. Not to mention Haymitch’s face and lines he has in this scene. Haymitch: (after a very naked Johanna leaves the evelvator) “Johanna Mason, District 7” Just like that, like she just left the elevator fully clothed and nothing had happened! HA! Then there is Peeta who you can tell was completely surprised by Johanna’s actions but very much enjoying it at the same time πŸ™‚ Then we move to Katniss who was SO uncomfortable. She prob had never seen another naked womans body, besides her Mom and sister and this can get very akward in a tiny space like an elevator! Her face was priceless and I can picture it in my head as I type and it still makes me smile. This whole scene is just brilliant. Jena did an amazing job and just seemed very confident! I could watch this over and over again! Thank you also to Woody, Jennifer and Josh for making this scene just PERFECT!

Carla: Every time the script allows Katniss to pull a “Jennifer face,” I’m all up for it! Fantastic scene, I laughed so hard.

Tash: I sound like a broken record, but this was brilliant! Every actor nailed it and each time I watch it I have a stupid grin on my face.


Effie says goodbye

Erin: Out of all the scenes in Catching Fire, I’m not sure I would label Effie’s Good-bye as my absolute favorite scene, but it is definitely the scene that made the biggest impression on me after my first viewing at the theater. It’s also the only scene that brought tears to my eyes. What Elizabeth Banks and Francis Lawrence and the script did with the character of Effie Trinket was incredible. She’s silly and self-centered, self-intitled, and oblivious… but only up until the Reaping for the Quarter Quell. You can see her cheery and chipper attitude slowly start to crack, until she is sobbing in front of Katniss and Peeta, telling them how sorry she was that they were going back into the Games, that they deserved more. This scene, of course, wasn’t in the book. They never got to say good-bye to Effie. This was the best added scene out of both movies, the most moving, and gives me hope that we will see a lot of Effie in Mockingjay, that she will be the person locked up District 13, either with the prep team or in place of them.

Carla: Elizabeth completely broke me when she told them she was sorry this happened to them. Such an amazing change from congratulating them in their first Games!

peeta's locket

The beach scene

Carla: Warning: Fangirly gushing ahead. I can’t help it, though; this scene showed me everything I wanted from Peeta and Katniss in the arena. First, that they’re a team: they may be part of an alliance but they know, even if only one of them can win the Games, it’s the two of them against the world until the very end. This comes across so well as they discuss Beetee’s plan: they express their points of view, listen to what the other has to say, and come to a decision together. But then the truly emotional part starts, when Peeta pulls off the locket, and Josh plays this moment so perfectly, I feel like I’ve been sucker punched every time I watch it. I love that he states his feelings in a way that’s not sappy or manipulative, but instead, when he tells Katniss that without her he has nothing, it’s like he’s stating a fact– because for him, that’s exactly what it is. The way he looks at her as she’s staring down at the locket is equal parts determined and sad, because he knows he’d rather she live even if it means her going back to Gale. At the same time, the way Jennifer slightly purses her lips as she looks down tells us that Katniss understands what he’s trying to say with the photos, but she can’t accept it if it means he’ll die. When she looks back up at him, she’s almost hardened, and you can see that she’s more determined than ever to get him out of there alive. And then the way Josh says “Nobody needs me,” with that beautiful, heartwrenching smile, it’s the most perfect balance of honesty and self-deprecation, and you can see that he’s not just playing the victim, this is something he’s already thought about and come to terms with– which never fails to hurt my heart. I like that there wasn’t a long pause before Katniss’ response, because I prefer the idea of her slowly coming to terms with her own feelings through the entire conversation, rather than her having an sudden epiphany. And then their kiss… I’m such a hopeless fangirl, but I love how she kisses him, and he pulls back, stares at her in wonder for about half a second, and then, understanding that this moment they’re having is genuine, it’s real, he cradles her jaw and pulls her back to him for a deeper kiss. It’s such a sweet, yet powerful kiss, too, with both of them putting all of themselves into it. My favorite part, though, is when she puts her hand on top of his as the kiss winds down: this was not one-sided. And by the time they lean their foreheads together and Johanna calls them “lovebirds,” I am nothing but a pile of bright goo on the theater seat. Such a beautiful scene, all subtlety but more than anything just pure emotion, a scene where you can see the depth of their feelings for each other through the little details, yet sweet and pure, both uplifting and tragic at the same time. And the score in the background KILLS ME. My stomach goes loopy just remembering it!

Tash: As with the train, everything I wanted and then some! They muck around like brother and sister on set but Jen and Josh were more than perfect in this moment. Carla has summed it up brilliantly!


Johanna’s Capitol tirade in the arena

Tash: Johanna was the new character I was most excited to see and Jena Malone certainly rocked it, by the time we get to this point she’s already stolen the scene numerous times. This scene stuck out for me though because it is so powerful yet so heartbreaking. Johanna has a great shell that she uses to protect herself which comes out in her remarks and I loved the addition of “you can’t put everyone in here!” after her tirade directed at Snow and The Capitol. Then as the others stare at her incredulously her veneer cracks a little and we learn more about why Johanna is the way she is, as she tells her fellow Victor’s “there’s no one left I love”. That moment crushed me in the books and it crushed me even more to hear it and see Johanna standing there. I also loved the touch of her whacking a bush with her axe as she stalks off, letting out a bit of that frustration and anger. (Plus I had a bit of an internal giggle at that as I’m prone to doing that with a club when I play mini golf!!)

Carla: My favorite part of this scene is how she even makes her WALK come across as angry. Stomping off through the jungle? Perfection!


Katniss’ interview with Caesar

Crystal: It’s not really my favorite since there are SO many great scenes from the movie I love, but when forced to pick just one, this came to mind because both times I saw the movie I cried when I saw it because seeing it come to life on screen was just overwhelming and emotional. When Katniss begins twirling and transforming, it’s almost like a point of no return for her, something that she doesn’t even choose to do because Cinna makes the decision for her. And yet Cinna knows her so well that he knows this is what she’s destined to be and what must happen. As her white dress, which can symbolize her innocence or her purity or any number of things, burns away, you get this powerful sense of change and you just know that the people of Panem feel it, too.

Carla: I love how she’s the one to make the Mockingjay connection and say it to the public. Also, not technically part of this scene but Peeta’s smirk as he drops the baby bomb– I cheered.

Tash: Absolutely adored the dress reveal! A great job done also with inducing a gut wrenching feeling as Cinna takes a bow before the film cuts to Snow snapping his book shut.

Katniss asks Peeta to stay (Train)

Jared: One of the quickest and most emotionally packed scenes in Catching Fire occurred on the Victory Tour train when Katniss wakes up from a night terror and Peeta rushes in to see about her. Even in his sleep, Peeta’s heart is geared towards keeping Katniss safe. Katniss constantly fights to be stronger than her enemies, but there are small moments where she allows herself to be vulnerable. In these moments, Katniss embraces her emotional desire for Peeta’s comfort and protection. When Peeta holds Katniss in his arms, her world becomes smaller and more simplistic in a beautiful way. Peeta allows Katniss to experience what being protected feels like because ever since her father died in the mines of District 12, Katniss has taken over the role as the “protector” of her family. As they lay together in the darkness of the Capitol train, there is an interesting contrast to the time Peeta held Katniss in the caves of the 74th Hunger Games arena. While in the caves, Katniss pretended to need Peeta in an attempt to save both of their lives. However, on the train we see Katniss’s heart has shifted towards Peeta. Even if she doesn’t understand how she feels about Peeta, we see in moments like this that Katniss has dug out a place for him in her heart. After Katniss asks Peeta to say with her after suffering another night terror, he responds by saying,”…always.” This word speaks of the permanence of the intimate bond Katniss and Peeta share, which has formed out of their experiences together in the games. The very thing that was created to destroy their lives has united Katniss and Peeta in a sacred friendship, which is extremely powerful and moving to behold. For me, this small moment on the train carries all the intensity of Katniss and Peeta’s relationship.

Carla: I love how he whispers “always” only after he has her in his arms, like he was trying not to say it but his feelings were so strong it just slipped out. Me = dead!

Tash: I adored this scene. Everything I wanted it to be and more, plus it was handled really well (no cheese factor!). Not to mention it included one of the most pivotal lines of the books!


Victory Tour montage

Luan: There are so many beautiful scenes in the perfect adaption but to only choose one of my favourites is a chore; but this scene is so powerful, and so heart-wrenching for even the casual viewer that I needed to tell you all why it is the underdog of the film. This montage of the Victory Tour provides everything you need to gain knowledge of the rebellions in the Districts. From District 11, (which Ciara has spoken about) where we see the gruesome and utterly heart-breaking effects of the Games of the families of the lost, and we see how the death of an innocent little girl can cause the entire District to stand up to the Capitol and say β€œHow could you?”. The return of Rue’s Lullaby in β€œThe Tour” from the score is a magnificent move from James Newton Howard, the music for this is fantastic; everyone around me in the cinema was crying. A lot.
We then can see how the Districts deteriorate the further on Katniss and Peeta go into Panem.Β  We see how Haymitch tries to keep a straight face to our Victors as they see how many people actually believe that Katniss is the face of the rebellion, Haymitch knows of the rebellion and he knows what it can do; to stay normal for the sake of them shows how strong he is. I love this because it shows how right President Snow is about Panem. Don’t get me wrong, but it shows how Katniss does truly just want to save her skin; save herself and the ones she cares for so much that she conforms with the Capitol. We see this part of her change entirely with no dialogue, just a close up of her face right at the end of the film; complete character development again. The one part of this I love completely and utterly is the part when Katniss said – in an Effie style – β€œPanem Today. Panem Tomorrow. Panem Forever.” It’s beautifully sinister and just perfectly performed by Jennifer. The crowd screaming at Katniss to tell them β€œwhat you really think?!” proves how transparent her act is to the districts and the first sign where we can see that there is nothing that Katniss can do to save them. And not to mention the little girl who looked like Prim handing Katniss the bunch of flowers, confessing that she would volunteer one day β€œjust like you.” Katniss is a symbol to them all, something she is not. But something she will become. That is why I love the Victory Tour montage.


Johanna’s interview with Caesar and backstage with Katniss

Hannah: It was incredibly difficult to choose just one favourite scene. However, for the purpose of this, my favourite scene is when Johanna Mason seemingly flies off the handle during her interview with Caesar, and yells a few choice words to the audience, and, consequently, the Capitol. However, those who know Johanna realise that she is a very calculating person. With this rant, not only does Johanna gain the sympathy of the audience and her potential sponsors, but she also makes it known that she is not happy with this Quarter Quell, the Gamemakers, the Capitol, and most importantly, President Snow. My love for Johanna rose to even greater heights (if that’s possible) the moment after her interview, when she tells Katniss to “Make him [Snow] pay for it”. At face value, it could be seen as Johanna telling Katniss to make Snow pay for putting Katniss in her wedding gown for her interview. However, I believe that this is a rare moment, where a weird type of vengeful bond forms between the two strong women. Johanna wants Snow to pay for everything that he’s ever done – not just this wedding dress stunt – and Katniss agrees.The moment she was cast, a lot of people had their reservations, but I knew Jena Malone would nail Johanna Mason. She made Johanna (one of my favourite characters) her own, and I absolutely loved every second of it.

Carla: I was NOT expecting the cursing, so that was fantastic and so Johanna, but bleeping it out as if it was an actual TV show was a stroke of freaking genius.

Tash: LOVED Johanna’s interview, just perfection. Then her moment with Katniss, again brilliant and sets up the framework for their friendship in Mockingjay.

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  1. This is like the entire movie! XD Not that I’m complaining. I think Cinna’s beating scene should be included. I found that to be very powerful; Jen pulled it off perfectly. I also think the jabberjay scene was flawless. Katniss’ distress, Finnick’s black stare and empty voice </3 And lastly I thought the flashback scene at the very beginning (when Katniss 'shoots' Marvel) was an interesting addition. Again, Jen did amazing in that scene.

    • fact: when we came up with the idea for this editorial and decided that each of us would choose their one favorite scene and write about it, i came up with a list of about THIRTEEN scenes that i would love to write about… it was literally impossible for me to choose just one because i pretty much love EVERYTHING.

      so… entire movie? yeah, pretty much. xD

  2. I have many favorite scenes, but the one that just stood out for me right now was when Katniss was racing the other tributes to the cornucopia. Even though it was fairly short, the scene was pretty intense especially with JNH’s score playing in the background for this part.

  3. My favorite scene(s) by far was when they showed President Snow’s granddaughter. They pulled one sentence from Mockingjay and made it significant, which was incredible, especially because of how they planned to put her, an innocent, in the games, just like Prim. Everything Johanna was perfect and Josh’s smirk after dropping the baby bomb was priceless, especially because Haymitch acknowledged it with a toast. What a team.

    • I was so stunned when they included in in Catching Fire…I was soo not expecting it. I am so excited to see how she will factor into Mockingjay! Any theories?

      • I actually forgot about her, but i wonder if she will be among the children who die in mockingjay. There was something about the way Snow looked at her after she said ‘I hope someone loves me that much one day” that makes it seem like ‘maybe, but certainly not from me”. I would be amazed if he wanted to kill her because of her admiration of katniss, but i think they’ll proabaly use it as a way to humanize president snow in the end.

        • She is mentioned during the meeting of surviving victors towards the end of “Mockingjay”. When voting for the new Hunger Games Johanna says “It seems very fair to me. Snow even has a granddaughter. I vote yes”, Based on that statement I assume that she is not killed by the parachutes but will be used to emphasize how evil the idea of the new Hunger Games is.

        • Snow wouldn’t use her as a shield. She’s his granddaughter. Like every dictator out there, he protects his own, but doesn’t care about other people’s children.
          It’s good that they’ve shown her, and I hope they do again in Mockingjay, because she is one of the children Coin wanted to put in the Hunger Games. Her actually being known to the audience will give more emotional weight to it, and her similarity to Prim will help drive home the point why Katniss had to assassinate Coin (as she says when she’s supposedly voting for the Games and making Coin think she’s on her side, “For Prim”).

        • My theory is that she will be used to show how the war is affecting capitol citizens. That way you can see Snow’s desperation to destroy Katniss.

  4. ahh when effie say goodbye my heart broke </3

  5. I loved all of your comments. I laughed so hard at the elevator scene and the Johanna interview. But, being the romantic I am absolutely was floored by the “Always” scene and the Beach scene. They were perfect and even better than I imagined it!
    I loved Carla’s comment about how Peeta and Katniss communicated during the beach scene (and even in the colors discussion scene). I think you hit upon something that was really subtly well done. You are so right that Katniss and Peeta had a give and take, listening to each other to come to a common goal in their discussions, which was different if you think about it in her conversations with Gale. They seened to be more push/pull, with both their “fire” coming out. I hadn’t thought of it until you mentioned it, but I think it is one more layer in the movie to show the difference in her relationships with the two. I loved seeing that connection come with Peeta though.
    The beach scene was amazing, the the kiss….AHHH! So much better after the cave scene in the first movie. It was fantastic. : )

    • i definitely see what you mean about the give and take– her scenes with gale were always either confrontational or regretful (sometimes even both, like in the opening scene). and while she also had her share of confrontation and regret with peeta, in that first part of the beach scene it was definitely something else, them working together and being on the same plane, equals. i LOVED that, and it’s definitely going to be a moment to look back to in mockingjay when the cracks in her relationship with gale start to show, and when she feels the pain of the loss of her relationship with peeta.

      • I totally agree with you. All the interactions with Gale were the confrontational kind. The only compassionate moment was after the whipping when he was hurt ( of course this fact come out in Mockingjay). Even the colors discussion scene Peeta was confronting her, but she actually listened to him and ended up opening up to him. Their growth together led to as you say baring one and equals as they head into the arena and beach scene. Again, communication she has with both Peeta and Gale just another way they brilliantly I showed the differences between her relationships with them. Loved it all,and like you, still fangirling over the beach scene!!! : )

  6. So many great scene to choose from! I think my vote will have to go to the whole sequence in District 11. It’s dynamite right from the first moments — the gulag style barbed wire fences, the ominous insect-like Peacekeepers — even Effie finds it daunting (“Well this isn’t very festive!”).

    I cried when I saw Rue’s family and her picture on the banners. It really brings home how sadistic the Capitol is. And that fraction of a second when Katniss hesitates and then turns back to the crowd to say how she sees Rue in the flowers in the meadow and in her sister Prim. Beautifully done.

    But my favorite part of the District 11 sequence comes at the end when Haymitch reads the riot act to Katniss and Peeta (Wake up, girl, you NEVER get off this train!) and then understanding how devastated Katniss is, turns and folds her in his arms. And can I say, Woody Harrelson was just awesome in this film. He stole nearly every scene he was in, including the elevator scene. Harrelson’s Haymitch is wounded, tough, compassionate, funny and heartrendingly sad. I can hardly wait to see more Haymitch in Mockingjay!

    • I agree with everything you say. Woody did steal every scene he was in and the D11 sequence, followed by the Tour montage, are clear favorites of mine.

      It’s dark, but still includes one of the movie’s best lines and funniest moments: When the camera pulls back, we see Effie sorrounded by all the Peacekeepers and armoured cars, and then: ‘This is not very festive!’ XD

    • You’ll enjoy Part Two πŸ™‚

      I have to admit I giggled at Effie’s “this isn’t very festive!” line and still do, especially when it is followed with her joyfully thrusting the presentation cards towards Peeta and Katniss in the armoured car. I thought that was such a terrific touch and helps show the evolution in her character as the film goes on.

  7. The beginning of the film was brilliant. Within 2 minutes (literally) Katniss is doing a very normal thing for her: shooting at a turkey. Then BAM, it becomes a PTSD flashback. That hit me in the gut.
    I’m old enough that I have friends who were in Viet Nam, and this is a very real depiction of what they describe. Many people today who have experienced war also speak of it. This was a very realistic & powerful scene.
    And at this early point in the movie I knew that Francis Lawrence would nail the rest of the film!

    • Jared Beasley Sharpe

      This scene was an incredible opening scene. I agree, it carried a loaded gun of intensity and felt very real and shocking.

    • Yeah, the opening is pretty much perfect. In addition to what you say about the flashback, the shot of Katniss, between the two rocks looking at the turkeys, is gorgeous.

  8. Carla and Jared – you guys are so eloquent on your K/P descriptions and analyses that I almost teared up just reading them. (Everyone did a fine job here; I’m just singling out these two because I’m so focused on K/P scenes.) Lovely work, not only by you but also by Josh and Jen, who convey worlds of emotion in a split-second look or touch.

    • Jared Beasley Sharpe

      Thank you for your compliment πŸ™‚ I promise it means a lot as a writer and as a fan of THG. Those Katniss and Peeta scenes turn me into a puddle too sometimes! You are so right about Josh and Jen. They were really not given much time together where it was just the two of them in the movie, so they worked their magic for sure in the moments they had.

    • glad you liked it, SPM! what can i say, fangirling just comes natural to me, lol. xD

      • Only problem is your wonderful descriptions (and Jared’s) are really, really making me want to see the movie again, damn it. I might be able to justify a second viewing as a birthday present, though. πŸ˜‰

    • I begged Carla to write the beach scene lol

  9. Lol I agree with everything they said and im glad to know that I wasnt the only one blubbering furing the entire film!

  10. When Katniss was eulogizing Rue – and especially when they cut to Rue’s poor mother sobbing her eyes out – I was a mess. It was as if they’d reached into my own past and put it up on the screen for the world to see.
    That is EXACTLY what it feels like when you lose a child. Reopening the wound is so incredibly painful, but it’s worse to think that no one remembers or cares. And Katniss spoke exactly the words a grieving mother needs to hear – that though physically taken away, her child will live on.

  11. I loved many of the scenes that have been discussed here for many of the reasons that have been discussed. My favorite scene has not yet been mentioned.. The transformation from grief to cold anger on Katniss’ face during the last minute of the film was a great piece of acting which I found very moving. However, my main reason for loving this scene was that it helps to solve what I think is the main problem with the movie. The problem can be summed up in a comment a friend made to me after leaving the theater: “What can you say to convince me that this movie is anything more that a slightly slicker rehash of the first movie?”. My friend has not read the books so he is looking at them from a different point of view than the fans who mostly want to see a “faithful” rehash of the books they love. This friend does know movies and from, a cinematic view point, his criticism is valid. The fact that much of what he considered “rehash” was inherited from the book did nothing to convince him that “Catching Fire” was a good movie. To stand alone as a good movie, rather than simply an adjunct to the books, “Catching Fire” needs to say something different than “The Hunger Games “and it should to show that there has been genuine character development by the end of the movie.
    Gary Ross’ main theme in the “Hunger Games” was individual integrity: the refusal to go along with the system and do something violates your moral code even if you will pay a terrible price for that refusal. Peeta puts it into words, “If I die I still want to be me” ,and Katniss puts it into action with the berries. This is a simplification of Suzanne Collins’ novel, but from my point of view that is good since a movie generally cannot catch all of the complexity of a book. Francis Lawrence takes this theme one step further from refusal to play the game to active resistance designed to overthrow an evil system. His theme might be summarized in the lines “Remember who the real enemy is.”. As is true in the books, in the movie Katniss resists this – she is much more interested protecting those she loves than in becoming a revolutionary. However, by the end of the movie she has changed and the change of expression on her face sums it up. In this way the movie has gotten somewhat ahead of the books since Katniss main mission does not change from “protecting the people I love” to “destroying the person I hate” until 2/3 of the way through Mockingjay.

    Parenthetically from what I have read the last shot of the movie is one of those great examples of a creative collaboration between director and actress. Initially, Jennifer Lawrence was simply told to “fall apart” but after several takes she decided to play it differently and Francis Lawrence took it up and ran with it. Hats off to both of them!

    • Do you have a link to the interview about the last scene? Would love to read it.

      • I tried to post a link but that caused my post to go into moderation (a very sensible policy). I have waited a while and it looks like the moderators have nixed my post so here is some information that will let you find it.
        The material about the last scene was taken from an email exchange from Josh Horowitz of MTV and Francis Lawrence. When I do a Google search on Francis Lawrence + Josh Horowitz + email it is the first item to show up. The relevant material is at the bottom of Francis Lawrence’s first email.

        • I was actually able to see the post although it was marked as being in moderation :-)) I got both the links, thank you so much πŸ™‚ You may by right about Nina Jacobson. Also, I love Josh Horowitz.

  12. Well as often sayed before, there are many scenes. But I think there are some scenes left unmentioed that I really liked. Here are just two examples.
    Like the scene where Katniss, Peeta and Haymitch find out about the Quater Quell. It was perfect! The way they reacted….I was shocked even though the announcement came as no surprise for me.
    And than theres the scene where Peeta’s heart stops. This got me emotional.

    By this chance I like to say that I am more than pleased with Finnick and Johanna. I love them!

    • I have to say I loved Finnick’s reaction when Katniss hugged Peeta after Finnick revived him. That was the moment he knew she wasn’t pretending to care about Peeta.

  13. My favorite part was the Opening Ceremonies. Just *badass*. No longer were they the smiling, waving newbies from District 12. They were Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, Victors of the 74th Annual Hunger Games. And that staredown between Katniss and Snow. You could cut the hatred with a knife.

  14. Thanks for all the terrific comments so far everyone, I love this fandom!

    I can’t promise that all of the other scenes mentioned will appear in Part Two, but I think it is fair to say that we could call the whole movie a favourite scene πŸ™‚

  15. I agree. I love these scenes and many more!

  16. I loved all these scenes, but can I just say that when Finnick and Katniss are officially allies at the cornucopia, Finnick so seriously, and effortlessly says “duck” and it is just so amazing. I’m mean honestly, A. Maze. Ing.
    Also, All those peope yelling at them during the victory tour made me cry…. Like I felt sooooo bad for Katniss because she is helpless.

  17. I loved your input! I agree with all of you! My favorite part was probably Johanna screaming “You can’t put everybody in here!” Jena Malone did perfect. It was perfect.

  18. im not sure exactly wat she says in the book, I don’t own them, but the rant johanna gives in the book was so much better then in the movie, ya, it was funny, but in the book that entire scene where each tribute says something to get the audience emotional was amazingly well written and it led up to the finale with katniss’s dress and peeta’s baby. im not sure y they couldn’t give the tributes (all of them) the attention in that scene the way it was in the book, especially because so many other great moments I felt were kept exactly the same way in the movie

  19. So basically, any time Johanna’s on screen it’s guaranteed to be a brilliant and memorable scene. πŸ™‚

    Love it! Jena Malone is such a bad ass.

    • true that! you know, when we were compiling this list it came to our attention that we had included quite a few johanna moments and that felt a little biased– but then we agreed, no, her scenes were all awesome so it makes complete sense that a “best scenes” list would be about 75% johanna. πŸ˜‰

      • Absolutely – it was just too hard to cut them out! Thankfully we have our reviews though to count everything we couldn’t fit in this πŸ˜€

  20. I was pleased from the very beginning with Katniss going to Haymtich’s house! I just saw the water jug and I thought ‘is she gonna do it?”..”she’s gonna do it!” and then she dumped it on him and it leterally felt EXACTLY like the book! All the little details, like Wiress singing the her little song right before theyre attacked, and the drinks “that make you sick” just made me so happy. And was anyone else slighlty TERRIFIED OF TEH AVOX IN THE BACKGROUND! Lol loved the face cover

    • i LOVE that scene with the three of them at haymitch’s place! it was definitely in my list of moments when we started juggling this idea. haymitch’s “you are a surprisingly dislikable person” line is pretty much my favorite quote from the entire movie. xD

      and agreed, the attention they gave to the little details was fantastic.

    • One of many moments that I thought “wow, they have ripped this scene straight out of the book and straight out of me head” – from Katniss looking around for the ‘best angle’ to pour the water on Haymitch (so she had room to jump back and avoid him lashing out) to the cool exchange between Katniss and Peeta. Then there are all of the other book moments, so many book moments! Happy, happy, happy πŸ˜€

      And I totally agree RE the terrifying avox – I also found the one helping Johanna with her dress quite creepy!

  21. dont get me wrong i love this film and the book, but does anybody elase think its odd catching fire is called catching fire? i mean that this is the only film and book where she dosen’t catch fire? (fake fire excluded)

    • the title is not really about katniss herself catching fire, though. “catching fire” is an idiom– in the sense that in the first book, she was the spark (with the berries and all) and in this second book, that spark spread through the districts and became a fire (an actual rebellion) which president snow is trying to quench. the idea is that in this second installment, the political plot “catches fire.”

      • yeah okay i see your point. but dont get me wrong the book and film was awesome!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?

  22. I think the scene when the arena is falling apart and katniss is pulled up was really well made. Its a stunning scene!! Turned out great! good job πŸ˜‰

  23. God, everything!
    Every single Katniss/Peeta scene (Peeta’s heart stops, the “always” scene, the beach scene, the favorite color conversation, the “I’ll see you at midnight” moment when I realised the next time they’ll meet things will be different). The way they look at each other is killing me, it was so emontionally powerful that I didn’t need to hear any words coming out of their mouths.

    Plus, Katniss talking about Rue, the Effie scene, the interview, the elevator scene, absolutely everything about the clock and the way the arena falls apart at the end.
    As you can see I loved this movie. Well, I don’t really like Gale.

  24. Is it just me or is Effie’s outfit in the goodbye scene kinda mismatched? Like she was preoccupied when picking what to wear…. Maybe?

  25. i liked the ending part of catching fire when katniss woke up and saw haymitch, plutarch, and finnick in the room having a conversation. when she asked “WHERE’S PEETA?” and haymitch said that peeta and johanna were in the capitol and katniss was like…”you son of a b****, you liar!…..”. WHOAH..i really didn’t expect that to be that so intense when she slap haymitch’s face. she was so aggressive and she felt betrayed. that scene was amazing. I was sad for woody’s face.they have nailed this scene.

    • yeah i agree to that scene, that was epic

    • I loved how she kept saying “you’re a liar” over and over as she was going under when they drugged her. This scene was so much better than I expected it to be. The whole movie was amazingly true to the book.

  26. Yup, so 80% of the movie was my favorite scene. One thing though: I wish they had extended the baby bomb scene and made it like it is in the book; if they had, it would have been my favorite because its heart wrenching, but also because its vital (along with Effie’s transformation) in showing the human side of the Capitol. That’s something really important Catching Fire had to do, humanize the people of the Capitol, because its so easy for the audience to demonize the Capitol citizens and distance themselves from them. - A Hunger Games Fansite