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MAD Magazine Parodies ‘Catching Fire’ in Two-Page Spread


You know that saying “you know you’ve made it when people start making parodies of you”? Well, there’s been plenty of parodies of The Hunger Games franchise, but US humor magazine “MAD” is a special case, given its long history of making fun of the most beloved pop culture phenomena– and now it’s taking a stab at Catching Fire!

Issue no. 256 of the magazine will feature a two-page spread by Desmond Devlin and Tom Richmond, titled “The Hunger Pains: Getting Tired,” which lightheartedly pokes fun at the movie and its themes. The feature includes our heroine Katniss– sorry, Katfood Aspercreme, an Elmo-fur-stole-wearing Effie, President Snarl (who is so evil, he once cut open his secretary of interior just to see his interior), and… Miley Cyrus? Yeah, just go with it. 😉

You can see the full, two-page spread above, thanks to SlashFilm. You can also read an interview they did with “MAD” Editor John Ficarra about why they chose Catching Fire for this spread.

What do you think of this parody? Do you think it’s funny? Feel free to drop your comments below!

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