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Linda Flowers Talks Katniss’ Signature Braid



Lead Hair Stylist for The Hunger Games movies Linda Flowers recently spoke to and talked about her inspiration for Katniss’ signature braid, which we fans know from the books to be something that Cinna loves about Katniss upon first seeing her in the Capitol.

Being the beauty (and JL-loving) nerds that we are, we were psyched to hear Flowers go into detail on how she dreamed up all of those fabulously imaginative coiffs. [sic] Flowers says that her overall concept for the HG hair was to do very classic hairstyles, such as finger waves, but in very modern colors. When it comes to styling wigs, Flowers says that she has a tendency to sit and stare at one for long periods of time, until the inspiration comes to her, and she suddenly starts working in an obsessive flurry. Now we’re tempted to see if some transcendental hair meditation might be the key to winning the daily blowdryer battle…

As far as The Braid, Flowers says that Katniss’ plait was about both form and function. “I wanted to create a standout style that would make the character instantly recognizable onscreen, and would ensure Katniss never got lost in the fray,” explains the hairstylist. “The decision to bring the braid over her shoulder was purely functional — we couldn’t have her hair getting caught every time she reached for her bow and arrows!”

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