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Hunger Games Fan Tours Featured on 11 Alive

Fans Tours

The Hunger Games is a worldwide phenomenon, and fans used this opportunity to organize fan tours, visiting places where the movies were filmed. 11 Alive reported this news on their show.

The Hunger Games Unofficial Fan Tour launched after “Catching Fire” was released in theaters. The tour is seeing packed crowds of people who pay almost $100 a ticket for look at where the movie was filmed. “It’s called fandamonium. Fans all over the country and the world want to go see where it was shot, they want to walk in the footsteps,” said tour creator Tammy Hopkins.

The Swan House, which served as President Snow’s mention, already had the Capitol tours, which are included in the unofficial fan tours.

“When you come view the house today it’s almost like standing in that film,” VanLanduyt [a tour guide] said.

And the popularity of these tours can only increase.

In Clayton County, a film museum and welcome center is being built. Clayton County’s International Park doubled as the tropical setting for the Quarter Quell in “Catching Fire.”

She’ll have more opportunities to experience Georgia’s film tourism in the coming years. With two additional “Hunger Games” films coming soon and other high profile movies filming here, more movie tours are in the works.

“As long as the movies are coming out we will keep doing the tours,” Hopkins said.

You can watch their news report below, or read it on 11 Alive’s website.

According to the official website of the fan tours, there are Day Tours and Adventure Weekends, which bring fans to places such as Henry River Mill Village, DuPont State Forest and Atlanta.

Thanks to HG Girl On Fire for the tip.

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