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Willow Shields Talks Growing Up On Screen with SheKnows


Potential SPOILERS for Mockingjay beyond this point.

Willow Shields spoke recently with SheKnows and talked about what it’s like seeing herself grow up on screen across four movies.

“I think it’s kind of funny actually, because I can watch the first movie and think, ‘I’m so tiny and young!’ but then also keep watching to see how much I’ve grown as a person and an actor. It’s really fun. To play the same character over four movies, you learn more and more about that character.”

Those of us who’ve read the Mockingjay book know Prim’s fate. We asked Shields how she’s preparing for the upcoming movie. The first thing she did was re-read all the books. But she admits there isn’t going to be a lot of preparation going into it, “because we’ve all become so close, it comes so naturally to all of us. It just comes a little easier now. I mean, I’m growing up with Prim and a lot of the stuff is relatable to me.”

Read the full interview over at SheKnows.

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