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VIDEO: ‘Catching Fire’ DVD Featurette on Jennifer Lawrence’s Archery Training

USA Today has released a featurette from the Hunger Games: Catching Fire DVD/Blu-ray, this time focusing on Jennifer Lawrence’s archery training for this second film.

Fans all over the world know that Jennifer Lawrence isn’t exactly the most coordinated person in the world, but Katniss is a very skilled, sharp character, and when it comes to training for the Hunger Games movies, Jennifer is a total pro. She had already trained intensively for the first movie, guided by five-time Olympian archer Khatuna Lorig, as director Francis Lawrence commented himself:

“She has really good form, which she has worked on since¬†Hunger Games,” the director says. “She’s good and fast and accurate.”

From other behind-the-scenes clips, we had already noticed that Jennifer doesn’t actually shoot any arrows during the filming of the scenes (the arrows are all added in post-production), but even so, she still had to go through a lot of archery training leading up to and during the filming period. In this clip, stunt coordinator Sam Hargrave explains why things have to be that way, and also how Jennifer’s training methods differed from the first movie to the second one.

You can watch the clip above and start to get excited about what’s coming up in November with Mockingjay , Part 1.¬†“Katniss is an archer. Jennifer is definitely going to shoot some arrows,” Francis Lawrence tells us.

What do you think of this video? Did you notice the differences in Katniss’ style from the first movie to the second? Are you looking forward to see her shoot some arrows in the Mockingjay films? Sound off in the comments!

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