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Tiffany from T.T.L. on Her Hunger Games Trailer Music



Tying Tiffany, who is one half of T.T.L. (Through the Lens), the duo who composed music for two Hunger Games trailers, spoke recently with Noisey about what brought her into the franchise and how T.T.L. was formed.

Noisey: How did you get involved with The Hunger Games?
Tiffany: It all started thanks to the collaboration with my licensing sync label ZerOKilled Music, through which I was able to have some of my songs featured on several TV Shows including CSI. Then, I decided to start a side project called “T.T.L.”with my long-time music producer Lorenzo Montanà, focusing on writing music for film and trailers.

Our goal is to create powerful, evocative music and to bring the emotions out of the picture so people around the world could be touched and inspired by it! Composing music for film is a great opportunity for me to learn more about music. It has been a great privilege to be part of such successful movies: the T.T.L. song “Deep Shadow”—featured on The Hunger Games trailer and “Beyond Fire” for Catching Fire—are probably the most rewarding tracks I’ve ever composed.

How did T.T.L. start? Does it continue to be a side-project for you?
Lorenzo Montanà and I are both movie buffs. When we started to compose several instrumental orchestrated tracks in a more “cinematic” way, we immediately realized that we could seriously work and grow with this project. The sound of T.T.L. (Through The Lens) is a blend of avant-classical and industrial, so it’s very different from the Tying Tiffany productions. I honestly don’t consider T.T.L. as a side project. We dedicate all of our time to it. We are also working on a full T.T.L. album for ZerOKilled Music, and we are constantly experimenting different genres. Composing music to movies makes it all very exciting!

Read the full interview at Noisey. Be sure to like T.T.L. on Facebook as well!

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