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WhatCulture’s 10 Things to Expect from ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’


WhatCulture’s Hannah Spencer has compiled a list of 10 things to expect from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, and it just so happens that many of the items on their list are the things we are most excited to see on screen, so we thought we’d share. Here are some of our favorite entries:

6. Philip Seymour Hoffman: Real and Digital

One thing that has caused a lot of intrigue is that he will be “digitally recreated” to complete one major scene in Mockingjay – Part 2. Things like Ellen Page’s turn in Beyond: Two Souls prove that CGI acting can be done, and (in pictures at least) CGI humans are more sophisticated than ever. The chief anxiety is whether a computer can create the depth of emotion that an actor with the skill of Hoffman would convey, especially as the scene in question is said to be critical to the character. Has technology moved on enough to make the CGI more convincing than Oliver Reed’s computer enhanced final moments in Gladiator 14 years ago?

4. To Be Depressed

This can’t be sugar-coated. Pretty much everybody who has read Mockingjay has already said it. Whether they loved or hated the book, the over-arching feel of Mockingjay is that of misery. For a series of books that is essentially about ritualised child-murder this seems fairly obvious, but Mockingjay’s brutal depiction of war and rebellion can be even more difficult to digest. Katniss acting as the Mockingjay for the rebellion against the evil Capitol sounds pretty glamourous, but (probably quite rightly) we are quickly disillusioned by how painful and drawn-out a rebellion can be. Author Collins displays George R. R. Martin levels of consideration to much-loved characters, to the point where some articles have suggested the film should write out certain events.

1. Stellar Supporting Cast

One of the most satisfying things about large ensemble cast films is when one of your favourite TV actors pops up out of nowhere, and Mockingjay will not disappoint. Out of the new characters, Boggs (terrible name, great guy) is one of the most sympathetic, interesting, and prominent. He is initially President Coin’s right-hand man, and then becomes Katniss’ protector during the war effort. Whilst he doesn’t speak much, his actions do: Boggs’ quiet encouragement to Katniss is understated in the best way. Netflix fans will then be pleased to recognise Mahershala Ali in this role, or Remy Danton from House of Cards as he is better known.

If mainstream networks are more your thing, don’t be disappointed yet. Do you like Game of Thrones? Of course you do, don’t be stupid. How do you feel about Natalie Dormer? If the answer is anything other than excellent, then I am shocked.

To read the full list, head over to WhatCulture, and don’t forget to tell us what you think. Do you agree with this list? Which list item are you most excited for? Tell us in a comment!

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