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Mahershala Ali Praises Jennifer Lawrence and Philip Seymour Hoffman


Vulture spoke with actor Mahershala Ali, who plays Boggs in The Hunger Games movies, and after talking in length about his role on House of Cards, ventured a couple of questions about his role in Mockingjay, which moves production to Europe next month.

When asked whether Jennifer Lawrence is as clumsy on set as she is at the Oscars, he denied it, saying she only falls down when the script calls for it. “I’d have to say that, out of everyone, she’s the coolest.”

Talk turned to the inevitable topic of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was recently found dead in his apartment in New York mere days before completion of his work on the final film, and the maneuvering being done to make up for his absence in a final key scene. Previous reports from the studio have hinted that they may be digitally replacing him in the last scene, something that Ali seemed to give weight to. “I think they’re going to address that with new technology that’s available to them now.”

Ali called Hoffman wonderful to work with and praised his ability to take a throwaway line and re-write it into something much more significant, something that fans of The Hunger Games will surely be able to appreciate as part of his acting legacy. “I’ve never seen anyone — and I’ve had the opportunity to work with some really terrific actors in my time — but Philip Seymour Hoffman is definitely the best I ever had the opportunity to work with.”

Source: Vulture via THGAustralia

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