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MTV on the 27 Looks of Katniss in ‘Catching Fire’

In a somewhat odd yet humourous piece the folks over at MTV have collated a list of all 27 of Katniss’ outfits from ‘Catching Fire’.

I must admit I did have a good laugh at the ‘Doom Cardigan’! Here are just a few from the list:


2. Champion of Leather
She has no time for your nonsense, but she does have time for a classic leather jacket.


6. Doom Cardigan
When on a train ride to one’s inevitable doom, one must always select knits for both comfort and class.


14. Eternal Love and Legwarmers
Nothing quite says “happiest day of my life” quite like an austere sheath dress and semi-fitted legwarmers.


19. The Cardigan of Distraction
“Are we really going to talk about my cardigan right now while this poor girl behind me has all that mask business going on?”


27. Cliffhanger Attire
Wait, you’re really going to leave us hanging in that? Fine. Fine.

Do you have a favourite outfit of Katniss’ during ‘Catching Fire’? Anything funny come to mind when you first saw the clothes?

To see the full list head to

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