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Alexander Ludwig Continues The Fight In “Vikings”


The Hunger Games actor Alexander Ludwig can’t seem to put the arena fight behind him. After his role in Lone Survivor, he is moving on yet again to play another fierce role, Bjorn Ironside, in The History Channel’s “Vikings.”

Like Jennifer Lawrence, Alexander Ludwig is playing the role of a teenager trying to manage coming into new power. His character Bjorn, according to Ludwig, was believed to be “protected by the gods” making him “an incredible fighter.” (Although The Hunger Games gods didn’t help him very much.)

In an interview with Redeye’s Curt Wagner, Alexander Ludwig explores the Viking history as well as the character arc Bjorn Ironside is likely to follow in the series. If you’re TV schedule is free on Thursdays at 9:00 PM be sure to check out The History Chanel’s “Vikings.”

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