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‘Catching Fire’ is the Top-Selling Home Video Release for 2nd Week in a Row


Variety just released their report on this week’s home video numbers, and revealed that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is at the top of the list for the second week in a row– and not only that, but it’s at no.1 by a very large margin. Its nearest competitor, Universal’s Homefront, only sold 17% as many units as Catching Fire did, accounting for both DVD and Blu-Ray sales.

According to Variety, 48% of Catching Fire‘s totals for this week come from Blu-Ray sales. It’s also interesting to notice that not only is Catching Fire at the no. 1 position on the list, but the Walmart-exclusive Catching Fire/The Hunger Games Two-Pack stands at the no. 8 spot for the week, and The Hunger Games is at no. 11. The movie is also no. 1 on Home Media Magazine’s home rental chart, beating out hard-hitters such as Dallas Buyers Club and Thor: The Dark World.

These positions are likely to change by the next week with the home video release of Disney’s Frozen, but there’s no denying the Hunger Games franchise has dominated the market since its release on March 7th. What do you think? Have you already bought your copy of Catching Fire? Tell us in a comment!

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