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VIDEO: Fan Song ‘This Goodbye’ by Beth Crowley

Watch below as Beth Crowley sings her Hunger Games-inspired song ‘This Goodbye,’ which she wrote and composed.


my world caught fire
you’re the one who lit the spark
now I’m playing with matches
all alone here in the dark

i had to learn the hard way
that salvation has its price
but i’ll never forgive myself
that you were the sacrifice

i can’t bring myself to say goodbye
i walk with my head up, say i’m fine but that’s a lie
your face will always haunt me
it’s my comfort and my curse
i can’t imagine any feeling could be worse
than this goodbye

some days the guilt inside
becomes too much to bear
i stopped seeking redemption
i can’t bring myself to care

i know i should be stronger
because i think that’s what you’d want
you’d be so ashamed if you
could see the nothing I’ve become


i’m so sorry that i couldn’t save you
i gladly would have taken your place
i wanted to always protect you
but i broke every promise i made
please don’t leave me


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