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When Is the Mockingjay Coming?

Lionsgate has done a great job with marketing the Hunger Games movies so far, and fans are anxious for the Mockingjay marketing to begin. Recently, the Catching Fire movie came out in stores, and an Easter Egg on the Blu-ray said  “The Mockingjay is coming”, but it featured no new footage or picture. Apart from a teaser poster, that’s about all we’ve seen as of now.

There are a few reasons that can explain the lack of Mockingjay promotion. First of all, the movies are still being shot. I believe Part 1 is over, but it has to be hard for the Lionsgate team to promote while filming, although they’ll probably be forced to, since they’re filming in Europe till the beginning of the summer.


Also, there’s a shorter amount of time between the release of Catching Fire and Mockingjay Part 1 than there was between The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. This can only result in a compressed marketing schedule as well. The Catching Fire DVD/Blu-ray also came out sooner than the first movie did in terms of months, probably to give Lionsgate some more time to promote the next film. Hopefully this time will be used soon. We’re sure it will.

Below is a comparison of the Catching Fire marketing versus the Mockingjay Part 1 marketing at this time of the year.



What do you think? Are you concerned about Lionsgate’s marketing strategy, or do you have complete faith in them? Sound off below! You can also make your predictions about what you think will be coming soon.


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