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Photos From ‘Mockingjay’ Set Show Closer Look At Pods


Filming for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay is still in full force as the production enters it’s last few weeks in Atlanta before moving on to Europe and new photos have surfaced online thanks to The Daily Mail UK that show Capitol extras, Peacekeepers, and Jennifer’s stand-in.

The photos appear to be from the set that we posted about yesterday, due to the fact that you get a closer look at what we guessed are the pods set around the Capitol to deter Squad 451 from Snow’s mansion.

What do you think of the pods? Are they pods? Or do you think they’re simply barriers used for cover? They do look similar to the structures that were on the beach in the film Saving Private Ryan.


Note: We apologize for the lack of photos in this post. Due to the clear paparazzi nature of the images, we have chosen to simply link to the originating source.

UPDATE: You can see some more of these set pictures over at Panem Propaganda and Mockingjayupdates @ Tumblr.

Also, thanks to our insider Jabberjay, Jackson (who has been on set as an extra), we now know that the girl in the pictures isn’t Jennifer Lawrence’s stand-in, but rather her stunt double, which means they were definitely filming some kind of action sequence. Thanks for the info, Jackson!

Thanks to for the tip!

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