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Sam Claflin Talks Philip Seymour Hoffman, Being “Best of Mates” with Stef Dawson

The premiere for Sam Claflin’s new horror film The Quiet Ones took place this week in London, and several interviews with Sam have hit the web recently. Of course, several news outlets also took the time to ask him about his work in The Hunger Games and filming the last installment of the franchise, Mockingjay.

The Daily Mail asked him about working in the United States and his co-star Jennifer Lawrence:

Do you fancy a move to Hollywood?

It’s calling my name. On my first visit, I stayed in a hotel on a motorway which was horrible, but I’m gradually warming to it. I love England, but when it’s grey outside you just want to stay in bed. Part of me feels Laura and I should [make the move], but we also like the idea of moving to the country with our dogs.

What’s it like to watch your Hunger Games co-star Jennifer Lawrence’s star rising?

When you see someone more talented than you winning an Oscar [for best actress in Silver Linings Playbook in 2013] at such a young age, it’s really depressing [laughs]. But I couldn’t be happier for her. She is so grounded and lovely and a good friend.

USA Today also got the chance to interview him, and they took a moment to ask him about his feelings regarding Catching Fire and Mockingjay co-star Philip Seymour Hoffman’s recent passing. You can watch his answer, as well as some of Sam’s co-stars anecdotes about working with him, in the following video (warning: the video does contain clips from The Quiet Ones, which might be unsettling to some viewers, please watch with caution). You can also read a transcript of what he said below.

“I mean, I don’t know how to answer. It’s one of those tough subjects and I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk, kind of… divulge. It’s not my place. I mean, all I can say is it’s been tough for all of us and, you know, it was a… shock, it was a surprise and… Yeah, he’s left a big hole, not only in the film, but… in the acting community. Yeah.”

And last but not least, Sam also talked to Digital Spy about dealing with the notoriety of being part of such a big franchise, and– something many of us have been waiting rather impatiently to hear about– meeting and working with Stef Dawson, who plays Annie Cresta, love interest of Claflin’s character Finnick Odair in Mockingjay.

The Quiet Ones opens in theaters in the UK on April 10th. Will you go to the theater to watch it? Are you looking forward to Sam’s scenes with Stef in Mockingjay? Tell us in a comment!

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