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Josh Hutcherson and Sam Claflin to Attend MTV Movie Awards


MTV has released the names of several celebrities who will be attending this Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, and our cast members Josh Hutcherson and Sam Claflin are included in that list!

The article does not detail what they’ll be doing at the ceremony, whether they’ll be presenting or simply attending so they can hopefully accept their awards for “Best Male Performance” (Josh), “Best Shirtless Performance” (Sam) and “Best Fight” (both, along with Jennifer Lawrence, whose presence at the event hasn’t been confirmed). But make sure to tune in if you want to see our Peeta and Finnick on your TV set.

Please note: We are aware many people out there believe that some kind of Mockingjay footage will be shown during the MTV Awards. But please keep in mind nothing has been confirmed by either MTV, Lionsgate, or anyone related to the project. Before you get too excited and start helping spread this, remember that last year, for the release of Catching Fire‘s teaser trailer, the news was confirmed at least a couple of weeks in advance and we started getting teasers of the teaser during the week ahead of the event. This year, we’ve had no such teasing. If they decide to surprise us with some Mockingjay info we’ll be thrilled, and we’ll be sure to report on it for anyone who might have missed it! But until that happens we’re treating this as a rumor. So please, be careful when talking about this online, you don’t know how many people you might disappoint.

The MTV Movie Awards ceremony will take place this Sunday, April 13th, 2014 at 9 pm ET/8 pm CT, and the show will be hosted by Conan O’Brien. You can still vote for Catching Fire and its cast over at MTV’s website, and don’t forget to keep using the hashtag #VoteKatniss on your social media so our heroine will take the title of Favorite Character! She’s currently in 2nd place behind Divergent‘s Tris!

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