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AUDIO: Sam Claflin on the Empire Film Podcast


Sam Claflin stopped by the Empire Film Podcast┬áthis week to promote his new horror film, The Quiet Ones. He only talks a little bit about The Hunger Games: Mockingjay because, as we know, he’s not allowed to say much about it. Still, it’s worth a listen because he is absolutely hilarious and tells many funny stories from his acting career. Listen in and have a laugh at his difficulties pretending to be terrified on the set of The Quiet Ones, the weirdest audition he’s ever had to do, a surprise he discovered while at his part-time job when he was in drama school, and his adorable fanboying over his football hero.

About Mockingjay, he does mention that he’s still filming (he still has the Finnick hair and, according to one of the podcast hosts, the muscles), although he can’t say which part they’re at. He talks about his diet being a little less strict this time around because he has less shirtless scenes. Interestingly, he also points out that the footage from Part 1 was getting edited and cut on the go because of their November deadline.

You can listen to the podcast below. Sam’s part starts at around 15:45 and ends at 30:00. Isn’t he just the biggest sweetheart? Be sure to tell us what you think of this conversation in a comment!

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