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REVIEW: Lynn Cohen in ‘I Remember Mama’



This past weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to see our Mags, Lynn Cohen in the off-Broadway play ‘I Remember Mama’ in New York! Here’s what I thought:

‘I Remember Mama,’ an off-Broadway performance at The Gym at Judson, is an incredible production that can connect to the hearts of everyone. ‘I Remember Mama’ tells the story of a Norwegian immigrant family in 1910 San Francisco and centers around Mama and her detailed, pennywise household budget. The show follows the Hansens’ small joys, sorrows, and aspirations, with the boisterous antics of Uncle Chris as counterpoint.

The first thing you notice when walking into The Gym at Judson is that the stage is literally right in front of you. It’s level to the floor and every seat is a front row seat.  The stage had roughly ten table sets with different symbolic items on each one. For example, one table was full of papers and typewriters, which symbolized the character Katrin, who dreamed of being a writer and narrated the play. Another table had books all over, symbolizing Lynn Cohen’s character, Mr. Hyde, who would read to the family every night.



 This performance was unique because although the scenery never changed, I felt as if I was transported to the different places the characters went. When Mama went to visit one of her kids in the hospital, I felt as if I was at the hospital with her. This was possible through the amazing, convincing acting.  What was also different about this show was how intimate the performance is to the audience. The actresses are extremely close to you the whole time. At one point during the show, there was dialogue exchanged between two characters literally right in front of my seat. It was awkward, but very cool.

The acting in this show was superb. The cast consisted of 10 veteran actors (including our Mags, Lynn Cohen) who played all 25 roles. The show is mainly flashbacks and recalling the past, so most of the actresses had to act like they were kids again, and it was extremely believable! In the middle of the show I would have to remind myself that these are grown women playing these characters! Lynn Cohen played both male roles, Uncle Chris and Mr. Hyde. With Lynn’s acting, it was clear to see whom she was portraying at all times. Mr. Hyde was a kind; sweet character that was good to the family, while her other character Uncle Chris was the complete opposite.  Uncle Chris was an alcoholic crazy character who would come and go as he pleased (we all have that one crazy guy in our family, right?). Most of the kids feared him, and the aunts disliked him. Lynn brought a lot of humor to the character, and like I said before, made me believe she was actually a crazy drunk man.

Although ‘I Remember Mama’ is probably focused more towards the older crowd, I think it can connect with people of all ages.  While watching this show, I guarantee you will find connections to your family and family values.

If you’re in the New York City area and are looking to see a quality show, make sure to purchase tickets for Transport Group’s ‘I Remember Mama.’

Make sure to see it before it ends Sunday, April 20th!

Don’t you love it when you see Hunger Games stars in different productions? Sound off below!


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