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Sam Claflin Talks Finnick and ‘Mockingjay’ During ‘The Quiet Ones’ Promotion

Sam Claflin has been doing media rounds to promote his latest film, The Quiet Ones, which had its official premiere this past week. During several of these interviews, he has been asked about The Hunger Games franchise, playing Finnick and filming Mockingjay.

Above you can watch an interview with Extra TV. Worth watching in full because Sam is absolutely adorable in it, especially when talking about his wife Laura Haddock, but just in case you can’t watch it, here’s what he had to say about the movie:

Sam: I mean, I wanna tell you everything [about Mockingjay]. That’s the worst part about it! Like, there’s so much to tell. It’s obviously great to have everyone back together again, the band back together. What I can say is it’s going very well. It looks amazing, the sets are incredible, the costumes… insane. The first one’s not that far away from coming out, so it’s gonna be here before you know it. But I mean, you know, I’m smiling. I’m thinking about it and I’m smiling. We’re still very much filming it at the moment, so there’s a lot more to come.

Renee Bargh: Any injuries, close calls, anything on set?

Sam: Yes, of course. Me and Jennifer are on set, so it’s guaranteed clumsiness. But nothing major, obviously. You know, it’s the same old experience again.

Sam also talked to about the fans’ reception of his performance in Catching Fire, filming Mockingjay, and working with Jennifer Lawrence:

“It seems to have gone down okay,” Claflin said of his Finnick Odair. “I think a lot of fans changed their minds.”


“You need to have the ability to switch off with her [Jennifer Lawrence] and have a joke. But then you have to be ready to go when filming starts because she’s so good.

“She can literally be telling you a joke one second and switch on the tears the next second; just like that. I need a little more time and more quiet before I go again.”

He also had a Q&A session with Reuters, in which he spoke at length about what he likes about Finnick, and the fan backlash on the announcement of his casting in the role:

Q: What drew you to Finnick Odair in “Catching Fire”?

A: Knowing the journey that he goes on, where he begins; he’s got this exterior, he’s a confident, charming man, very good-looking and often judged on the way he looks, and I think he’s the epitome of Hollywood … but actually what’s going on inside, there’s a lot more going on. He’s very similar to me in that sense, I think I put on a brave face a lot of the time, but actually what I’m thinking is I’m so nervous and intimated by what’s going on. He’s so vulnerable and naive to the world, he’s just had to put on a front.

Q: What’s been the most intimidating moment in your career?

A: I think portraying Finnick Odair would be the poignant moment in my career in the sense of I put most pressure on myself. I felt hugely intimidated entering into a franchise I was already a fan of, and had the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson, Philip Seymour Hoffman coming on board, I didn’t know what to do with myself. A lot of the fans showed a lot of negative thoughts with the role.

Q: How do you deal with that negativity?

A: I use it to my advantage. To me, that made me work harder … it pushed me further, whereas I think if everyone was like, “He’s perfect the way he is,” I wouldn’t have done anything; I would have just turned up. But I felt like, “I’m going to prove you wrong,” and I can only do as much as I can do, and if they still hate me, they hate me, I can’t change my face, I’m sorry. Well, I can with surgery! (laughs)

Sam is such a sweet guy, and it’s great to see him in the spotlight like the rising star he is. What do you think of these interviews? Are you looking forward to seeing Finnick’s character arc continue in the Mockingjay movies? Tell us in a comment!

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