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Jena Malone Discusses Johanna In Bullet Magazine


Jena Malone, who portrays Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games films series covered Bullett Magazine’s Volume XIII The Lost Issue. In her interview, the actress discusses, among other topics, her rebellious character:

Malone, who is set to reprise the pivotal role in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, the franchise’s third and final installment (it will be divided into two movies), approached the role with the vigor of a method actor.

“When you first meet Johanna, she’s got enemy written all over her. She’s violent and sexual and caustic and nefarious. But she has a big arch of friend or foe. But she’s fierce. What I really wanted to explore with her was learning anger. Anger has to be so genuine or it feels so fake, like a fake sneeze. So, the first week of shooting, I didn’t talk to anyone. I needed to have this intimidation factor. I had all this [angry] energy surging through me. She almost killed me. A month and a half in, I learned how to turn her off, but at first she was dangerous.”

You can read more about Malone’s band as well as her upcoming projects here.

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